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Can you name the reforms of Gladstone's First Ministry?

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What did it do?Reform and yearAchievements
disendowed churches of land / halted payment of tithes to church / redirected money to Poor Law Board and public works
gave increased rights to tenants / extension of tenant right
foundation of secular University of Dublin
state funding for children from 5-12 / called for unsectarian and free education / establishment of Boards for regulation
abolished religious tests / allowed entry of non-conformists to Oxbridge and Durham
revised governing body of Clarendon Schools
appointed 3 commissioners to revise trust deeds for private schools
divided army officials into Commander-in-Chief, Surveyor General and Financial Secretary
3 year enlistment in the army in addition to normal 12 years
increased army size by 497.000
What did it do?Reform and yearAchievements
Other army reform
Another army reform
Yet another army reform
Foreign policy
Government reform
JPs granted right to fix opening/closing times and grant licenses
secret ballots
trade unions could be charged on intimidation
streamlined Supreme Court

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