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Main Character
Team of the main character
What does 'W' in RWBY stand for?
What does 'B' in RWBY stand for?
What does 'Y' in RWBY stand for?
World where the series happen
Creatures hunters fight to
Intro song for Volume 1
First school main character attended
History teacher at Beacon
Grimm studies teacher at Beacon
Director of Beacon Academy
Faunus terrorist organization
Jaune is bullied by '______'
Nora's weapon
Pyrrha Nikos' semblance
Voice of Ren (until Season 3)
Name the team Coco Adel leads
Name the half-bunny faunus
Brown/Pink hair character
Book shop owner (dead)
Mobile device
Number of kingdoms
International festival in Remnant
Name the continent of Vale and Vacuo
Huntsman academy of Vacuo
Amber was a '______'
Who kills Pyrrha Nikos?
Name the main anthagonist
Heterochromic character (eyes with diferent colour)
Name the team formed in Season 4
Where is Sun in Season 4?
Dust monopolyzed company
Schnee family's butler
Town where Ren's fathers lived
Defeated Grimm on the Season 4 Finale
Qrow Branwen's theme
Creator of the series
Alternative series of this show
Videogame made out of the series

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