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Azores is considered an Autonomous Region of wich country?
How many islands are in the Azores?
What bird of prey, the symbol of the Azores, is pictured near the center of the flag of the Azores?
What are the main colours of the Azorean Flag?
What mountain in the Azores contains the highest point in all of Portugal?
Along with the Azores, what other archipelago is considered an Autonomous Region of the same country?
What is the capital city of the Azores?
The U.S. operates the 1,500-man Lajes Air Base on the island of...?
Azores are located in the middle of what Ocean?
What is the currency in the Azores?
Which island is furthest west?
What language is spoken in the Azores?
What century where the Azores discovered?
Which of the Blake & Mortimer Adventures is set in the Azores?
After the Capelinhos Volcano eruption, a soon to be US President signed the 'Azorean Refugee Act' that allowed Azoreans to enter the USA. Who was this senator?
Which Prince of Monaco made several maritime expeditions to the Azores?
After discovering America, Columbus ported in which azorean island?
National Geographic rated the Azores the 2nd best island destination in the world for sustainable tourism! Which islans ranked the 1st?
Azores have the only commercial producers in Europe of what plant?
The best all time scorer of the Portuguese National Squad of football was born in the Azores. Who is he?
Czar Nicholas II of Russia was deposed and executed, searchers found wines from what azorean island in his imperial cellar?
What is the smallest island of the Azores is 6.24 km long and has 3.99 km at its maximum width?

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