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The Orc that Highlord Tirion Fordring befriended and saved at the cost of his place as a Paladin
Father of Thrall
An old orc veteran who was ashamed to have been the lone survivor when his unit fought the Burning Legion. Sacrifices himself to stall Sargeras' entry into Azeroth.
The deity who is worshiped by the Night Elves
The original names of the Night Elves
The original names of the Blood Elves
The original names of the High Elves
The High Elf ranger who Arthas turned into a banshee, now known as the Banshee Queen
The real name of Krasus
The human involved in the battle of Grim Batol and saving the Red Dragonflight from the orcs
Mother of Giramar and Galadin, Ranger General.
Original capital city of the High Elves
The Aspect of Time
Alternate realm where Azeroth is as it would have been if mortal races were not born unto it
Current capital of the Night Elves
Former capital of the Night Elves
Deathwing's original name
Queen Azshara's closest handmaiden
Current Queen of the Night Elves
Turned into a tree by Malfurion during the War of the Ancients
The second Highborne turned into a Satyr
Lost in the Twisting Nether with Turalyon
Unofficially-adopted by Tyrande Whisperwind during the War of the Ancients after her parents were killed
King Varian's name given to him during his time as a Gladiator. Means Ghost Wolf.
The human embodiment of the Sunwell - Kalecgos' lost love
The ancient fount of magic used by the Night Elves under Queen Azshara's rule
The naga were formerly these
The creator and leader of the Burning Legion. Formerly a Titan
Kil'jaeden the _____
The first major demon to pass through to Azeroth (Hint: The Houndmaster)
The Paladin who created the Scarlet Crusade while possessed by Balnazzar - An old friend of Tirion Fordring
An over-zealous Paladin who worked under Tirion Fordring and became the Highlord of Heartglen following Fordring's exile. Hungry for vengeance over death of his parents.
Killed his own Father, Alexandros Mograine, with coaxing from Balnazzar
Trained Thrall as a gladiator and killed Thrall's only friend in a jealous rage. Superior of Durnholde Keep.
Thrall's only friend from his time as a gladiator. Had her head severed and presented to Thrall.
Thrall's real name
Became corrupted during his hunt for a Dreadlord in Northrend and became the Lich King. KIlled his Father, Terenas.
A corrupted Kirin Tor high council member. Founder of the Cult of the Damned, now a Lich.
The First Paladin
Son of the Ashbringer, Alexandros Mograine. Brainwashed by the Lich King and later used as a sacrifice. Leads the Knights of the Ebon Hold agains the Lich King currently.
Father of King Varian Wrynn
Son of Highlord Tirion Fordring
Wife of Higlord Tirion Fordring
Deceased younger brother of the Windrunner Sisters
The rich family line whose members meet with unfortunate fates. Tied to Scholomance
The First Death Knight
The original Lich King who later merged with Arthas Menethil
A powerful orc Warlock who conspired with demons to have the orcs drink demon blood
The first orc to drink the blood of demons, thus linking his people to the Burning Legion. Formerly close friend and advisor to Thrall

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