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Can you name the Phineas and Ferb Characters by Initial?

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 Main Character That Does Most Of The Talking
 Main Character That Doen't Do Much Talking
 Desperate To Bust Her Brothers
 Charcter Who's Catchprase Is 'Whatcha Doin'
 Character That 'Doesn't Do Much'
 The Boys Mum
 The Boys Dad
 Nerdy Indian Boy
 Big Bully
 Platypus's Nemesis
 Guitar Playing Boy Who Candace Has A Thing For
 Huge Fan Of The Boys
 Platypus's Nemesis' Daughter
 Platypus's Nemesis' Ex-Wife
 Mayor Of Danville
 Boys Who Are Like The Boys Except Ruder and Dumber
 Boys Rivals Sister
 Platypus's Boss
 Platypus's Boss' Intern
 Candace's Enemy
 Boys' Fan's Brother
 Boys Grandma
 Boys Grandpa
 Boys Grandpa
 Boys Grandma
 Isabella's Mum
 Isabella's Dog
 Had Isabella As Her Mentor
 Alien Intergalactic Security Agent
 Alien's Enemy
 Candace's Best Friend
 Candace's Friend
 Candace's Best Friend's Bass Playing Boyfriend
 Platypus's Nemesis' Robot
 Indian Boy's Girlfriend

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