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Can you name the game with each of these special skills?

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Replekia, Phantasmagoria, Infinite Thrust
Hot Lick, 0 Zone, Knuckle Sandwich
Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Arcane Barrage, Transcendent Blades
Mana Magic, Gem Missile, Lucid Barrier
Caprice, All Out, Eschaton
Freikugel, Gaea Rage, Spiral Viper
Beast Out, Master Cross, Pit Hockey
Rune of Objection, Obvious Fireball, Xeuclid's Translation
Ancient Catastrophe, Blast Heart, Shining Wolf Fury
Black Onslaught, All Green, Rhapsody of Memories
XuanYaLianShanQuan, Hurricane Shot, Armageddon
Phozon Release, Overload, Psypher Heal
Great Gospel, Omnislash, Earth Rave
Minus Strike, Heaven's Gate, Catch Me
Plasma Blade, Avatar Awakening, Reaper's Dance
Disaresta, Calamity Flare, Stardust
Luminaire, Eternal Darkness, Falcon Strike
Eternal Bane, Aestus Domus Aurea, Fake Helix Sword
Unrelenting Force, Throw Voice, Fire Storm
Triple Dip, Peach Beam, Star Storm
Cubus, Melio Confodere, Pneuma
Faith, Raging Storm, Ultima Cannon
Black Hail, Free Lift, Switch Life
Crusher, Snowy, Group Hug
Star Smasher, Uroboros Guard, Regroup Tactic
Mag Storm, Anchor Chain, Monado Eater
Fantasy Heaven, Magicannon 'Final Spark', Illusion World 'The World'
Disturbance, Universe, Gale II
Wheel of Light, Blue Storm, Lingering Time
Cataract Blue, Pentagram, Lunar Blade
Buster Lore, Geo Impact, Aqua Squall
Freeze Shock, Synchronoise, Heat Crash
Scud Genocide, Giant Twister, Sword Storm
Warring Triad, Reverse Gaia, Fervid Blazer
Firestorm, Power Slash, Veil of Mist
Megiddo, Freeze Prism, Iris
Dead Fencer, Waxing Rage, Dreamless
Prime Tactics, Hyper Upgrade, Covering Fire
Grand Cross, Bloody Honeymoon, Cross Fortune
Lion Heart, My Final Heaven, Shockwave Pulsar
Dim Bomber, Dragon Install, Final Execution
Delta Shield, Cutlass Fury, Tackle
Overlord's Wrath, Terminus Omega, Chaos Impact
Critical Hit, Light Arrow, End of Day
Impact Hammer, Iron Scraps, Shining Rune Buster
Crusade/Jihad, Shield Barrier, Bloody Claw
Atomic Blazer, Thunderbolt Blade, Meteorite Barrage
Galactic Punt, Myriad Truths, Ultra Trigger
Great Seal, Cadenza, Oracle
Black Fang, Volcanic Roar, Radiant Plash

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