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KuribohSeason 1
Slifer the Sky DragonSeason 1
Time WizardSeason 1
Obelisk the TormentorSeason 1
Toon WorldSeason 1
Harpie LadySeason 1
Insect QueenSeason 1
Red Eyes Black DragonSeason 1
Castle of Dark Illusions Season 1
Legendary FishermanSeason 1
Dungeon Dice MonstersSeason 1
Musician KingSeason 2
Dark MagicianSeason 2
Mystical Beast of SerketSeason 2
Exchange of the SpiritSeason 2
The Winged Dragon of RaSeason 2
Deepsea WarriorSeason 3
Nightmare PenguinSeason 3
Judge ManSeason 3
Robotic KnightSeason 3
JinzoSeason 3
ShinatoSeason 3
Exodia Necross Season 3
OrichalcosSeason 4
Guardian EatosSeason 4
GorlagSeason 4
Psychic Armour HeadSeason 4
Ancient DragonSeason 5
Luster DragonSeason 5
ValkyrieSeason 5
CinderellaSeason 5
Dark Magician GirlSeason 5
Illusion MagicianSeason 5
SpiriaSeason 5
Two Headed Jackal WarriorSeason 5
Curse of DragonSeason 5
DuosSeason 5
Blue Eyes White DragonSeason 5
ExodiaSeason 5
DiaboundSeason 5

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