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Can you name the actors who have played both Marvel and DC characters?

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Agent J, Deadshot
Ben Grimm, Captain Nathaniel Barnes
Burke, Magneto
Cyclops, Richard White
Daredevil, Batman
Dum-Dum Dugan, Damien Darhk
Dracula, Heatwave
Evey Hammond, Jane Foster
Hannibal King, Deadpool, Green Lantern
Jonah Hex, Agent K, Thanos
Juggernaut, Danny Brickwell
Leslie Thompkins, Vanessa Carlysle
J. Jonah Jameson, Commissioner Gordon
Nick Fury, The Octopus
Papa Midnite, Korath the Pursuer
Riddler, Colonel Stars and Stripes
Silken Floss, Black Widow
Silver Surfer, Perry White
Storm, Catwoman
Thin Clown, Silver Surfer, Deathbolt
Two-Face, Agent K, Colonel Chester Phillips
V, Red Skull
Wilson Fisk, Kilowog

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