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A god-like alien is born out of wedlock to a feminist icon, and, while pursuing a career as a writer in London, finds himself fighting off an invasion of Dark Elves.Robin Williams, Natalie Portman, Glenn Close, Christopher Eccleston
A North Korean sanitarium is under threat of closure due to investigations by the British government, and their only hope is to hire an unscrupulous vet to find the double agent.Pierce Brosnan, Groucho Marx, Margaret Dumont, Toby Stephens
With the dark lord defeated and the most powerful weapon in the land destroyed, the newly crowned ranger-turned-king tries to cure his stutter.Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Geoffrey Rush, Timothy Spall
Two adventurers travel to the desert on an important archaeological missoin, racing to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Illuminati can get their hands on it.Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, Paul Freeman
A boy at a wizarding school slowly uncovers a long-buried secret deep within the school - of a mysterious room, and the first American Triple Crown winner in 25 years.Diane Lane, Daniel Radcliffe, John Malkovich, Kenneth Branagh
After losing their money in a Ponzi scheme, a group of nine work together to steal a magic ring from under the nose of their wizard landlord during the Thanksgiving day parade.Ben Stiller, Elijah Wood, Eddie Murphy, Christopher Lee
An American billionaire and a Scottish marine merchant are shipwrecked on an island off the coast of New Guinea, where they come in conflict with an enraged cryogenicist.George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, William Takaku
An ex-Army Ranger teams up with a talking car to save the district attorney's girlfriend from a mysterious, scarred agent of chaos.Justin Bruening, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Val Kilmer, Heath Ledger
The story of the US military's 'Jedi Warrior' unit, which attempted to recruit and train mutants with psychic abilities for warfare.George Clooney, Patrick Stewart, Ewan McGregor, Famke Janssen
Sequel, in which a millionaire playboy finds himself on the run from the FBI after the events of the first film, and comes up against rival businessmen, drug lords, and Russians.Robert Downey Jr., Eva Mendes, Tyrese Gibson, Mickey Rourke
An experiment gone wrong leads to a young man traveling to a long time ago, far far away, where he uncovers some disturbing, semi-incestuous truths about his father and his sister.Michael J. Fox, James Earl Jones, Christopher Lloyd, Carrie Fisher
A musical, following a World War I veteran-turned-vigilante as he wages war against a disfigured mob boss, told through a series of songs based off actual WW1-era tunes.Ray Stevenson, Maggie Smith, Laurence Olivier, Dominic West
A biopic, detailing the life of one of South Africa's greatest presidents, as he works to rebuild the country by taking up the mantle of a retired superhero with shrinking powers.Idris Elba, Michael Douglas, Naomie Harris, Corey Stoll
After the death of a member of a small-town community due to diabetes, one man struggles to deal with his grief as he fights aliens from his home planet who have come to kill him.Henry Cavill, Sally Field, Julia Roberts,Michael Shannon
MI6 send their best agent on a mission to prevent an apparent terrorist attack on an office building, but this turns out to be a cover for an ingenious heist by a voodoo drug lord.Roger Moore, Bonnie Bedelia, Yaphet Kotto, Alan Rickman

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