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Can you name the details about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series?

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In the first book, Percy is currently attending which school?
Mrs. Dodds, who turns out to be a Fury, 'teaches' which subject?
The Furies are Hades'...
By when must Percy, Grover, and Annabeth return Zeus' master bolt?
When Percy first sees Dionysus, he describes the wine god as having the skin of a what?.
The process in which Sally Jackson shimmered in a golden light, and then dissolved, is called what?
Where did Percy jump off of to escape the clutches of Echidna and the Chimera?
How many days were Percy, Annabeth, and Grover stuck in the Lotus Casino?
When Percy, Annabeth, and Grover encounter Medusa, she refers to Athena as the what?
What number is Dionysus on the Olympian Council?
At the beginning of the second book, Percy is attacked by three Laistrygonians which go by what names?
What is Percy's PE teacher's name?
On the Princess Andromeda, Luke has two assistants. The smarter one, with the gruff voice, is named what?
What is Clarisse's ship's name?
What do the humans call the Sea of Monsters?
Blackbeard's ship is called what?
What are the Sirens?
When Clarisse, Grover, and Percy fight Polyphemus together, they use attack plan...
What did Poseidon write in his letter to Percy?
Tyson's present to Percy - a watch - turns into a what?
At the beginning of 'The Titan's Curse', Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia go to Westover Hall. What is the female teacher's name?
Dr. Thorn is what monster?
Which beast can bring the downfall of Olympus by sacrificing its entrails?
In which city does Percy catch Nereus?
Who are Zoë's sisters?
The mountain in which Atlas holds up the sky is called what?
What plant, or type of leaf, makes everything 'smell like cough drops', according to Percy?
What did Zeus gift Hera for their wedding?
What is Luke's sword - which can kill mortals and demi-gods alike, called?
What is the name of Thalia's shield?
Which demigod is found in the Labyrinth, driven insane?
Which letter of the Greek Alphabet is considered the 'Mark of Daedalus'?
Ethan Nakamura is the son of which goddess?
When Percy, Annabeth, and Rachel encounter Anteus, he mentions that he has been wrestling since the first what?
Daedalus comes to Camp Half-Blood as a sword fighting instructor, under the alias of ...
After Daedalus let his nephew Perdix die, Athena branded him with a murderer's brand - a bird. What type of bird was it?
Pan's dodo bird is called what?
What mechanical animal did Hephaestus send to lead Percy and Annabeth to his forge on Mount St. Helens?
Who was the Cyclopes' jailor during the reign of the Titans?
What is the proper name for the 'Hundred-Handed Ones'?
When Beckendorf fooled Ethan Nakamura on the Princess Andromeda, what was in his sack instead of explosives?
When Percy suddenly 'zones out' and is taken to Dionysus, whose birthday party is Dionysus at?
What game is Dionysus playing at the party?
As you know, Dionysus never remembers (or pretends to never remember) any camper's proper names. Finish this sentence: 'You must save Olympus, ...'
In Percy's dream, before Kronos unleashes the Lydian drakon, where is the Titan's camp?
What weapon is described as not Chiron's favorite?
How did Paul pick up swordplay in college?
What was Tyson's battle cry?
When the satyr Leneus died, what plant did he turn into?
Fill in the blank: Percy describes Hephaestus' throne as a 'huge mechanical ... type thing'

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