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What to tickle in order to access the Hogwarts kitchens.
The gamekeeper at Hogwarts before Hagrid.
The Weasley twin who died.
The girl who Draco Malfoy poisoned with a necklace.
The spell Hermoine used to keep Neville occupied while she, Harry, and Ron are wandering at night. (In the first book)
The man who gets to the Horcrux on the island prior to Dumbledore and Harry's arrival.
What S.P.E.W stands for.
Madame Maxine's excuse for being so bulky.
The Arithmancy professor's name.
What Hermoine uses to help in school in the third book.
The wandmaker other than Ollivander.
The spell used to get past the one-eyed witch.
The spell Harry uses on Draco in the bathrooms in the sixth book.
What Harry uses to save Ron from being poisoned..
What Fleur is part.
Myrtle's bullier.
Where Bertha Jorkins was supposedly lost.
The position in which Ludo Bagman used to play when he played Quidditch.
The team Bagman played on when he played Quidditch.
Who Harry scared while using Parseltongue for the second time.
Buckbeak's new name.
Who Fleur dates when she first gets to Hogwarts.
What Luna believes Rufus Scrimgeour is.
What Slughorn's group is called.
Dudley's best friend.
The school that Dudley attends.
The aunt that Harry blows up.
The color used in the 'spell' Ron tries to use on Scabbers in the first book.

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