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When was the band formed?
What is Megadeth's longest studio album song?
In which album is that song featured?
Who did Dave Mustaine originally want as the lead vocalist?
Aside from Dave Mustaine, which guitarist spent the most time with the band?
How many albums did he release with the band?
What year was their first album released?
In 2002, the band released a live album of a show they performed in Arizona. What was the name of the album?
On the album Youthanasia, the band recorded a song with lyrics comprised of past Megadeth songs. What was the name of the song?
Dave Mustaine organizes a music festival that occurs every year or so. What is the name of the tour?
What is Megadeth's best selling album?
How many grammy nominations has Megadeth had?
Megadeth's first grammy nomination was in 1991, for Rust in Peace, but lost against which song?
In which Megadeth song do the following lyrics appear: 'Human bones blanket the dirt of the heathens lair'?
In 1989, Megadeth covered an Alice Cooper song for the film 'Shocker'. Which song did they cover?
Roughly halfway through the video for 'Peace Sells', a teenager is seen watching TV wearing a shirt for which fellow thrash metal band?
What is the name of Megadeth's mascot?
Dave Mustaine appeared on which American sitcom auditioning for a band?
In 1995, Megadeth released an EP with a collection of previously released, non-album tracks. What was the name of the EP?
In 1996, Dave Mustaine formed another band as a side project, releasing only 1 album. What was the name of this band?
How many guitarists have ever strapped on a guitar for Megadeth?
Which world-famous rock band used to be named 'The Megadeaths'?

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