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Forced Order
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What is Yoon Mirae's American name
What year was she born
The band she was in..
The album name of the duo she was in..
Whats the name of her third album
What's her husband's real name
She was judge in talent competition called
Her OST for Master's Sun is called..
Her song Pay Day was used in what movie?
What year was her son born
What's the name of her son
She's advocate against..
Her song ''Always'' is an OST for
Which WGM couple babysat her son
''I Miss You So'' is from album
Her album ''Gemini'' was released in..
Who replaced her in the band she used to be in after she left
''Baby bye bye'' was on
She sang ''Wonderful'' with
Her song ''Haru Haru'' starts with words

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