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Forced Order
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Name the buffet restaurant
Wendy has her shot into the sun
Stan's sister Shelly's boyfriend in 'Cat Orgy'
Butter's real first name
Cartman's Mom's a _____ _____
SeaPeople + SeaMen =
Butter's 'girlfriend' who works at Raisins
Cartman's Vietnamese prostitute alter-ego at Cow Days
Randy's Occupation
Character who builds a wall around South Park
Pioneer Village is portraying this year
Damian's father
Member of Stan's family killed by Spookyfish
He teaches Kyle about ugly kids
Gerald has plastic surgery to become this
The only adult in the audience at the Jonas Brothers' concert
Ben Affleck's parents who thought Kenny's milk carton picture was their son
Mephesto's best friend
He marries Mr. Slave
Mrs. Cartman's first name
Leader of the vampire kids

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