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Managing stress; Behavioural
Improving adherence
The Cambridge Study
Black features and the death sentence
Adherence in hypertensive males
Brain abnormalities in murderers
Organised vs disorganised theory
Media campaigns
Detecting lies
Twin studies
Probation orders
Memory structure on judgement
Lack of control
Majority influence
Weapon focus
False confessions
Cognitive explanations of anxiety- GAD
Little Albert
Reasons why young people offend
Chip pan fire prevention
Inadmissible evidence
Definitions of dysfunctional behaviours
Treatment of noise phobia
Expert testimony
Restorative justice
Managing stress; Cognitive
External and internal features
Moral development
Social Learning Theory
Compliance with a medical regime for asthma
Hassles and life events
Locus of control
Cognitive skills programmes and reconviction
Prison roles
Measures of non-adherence
Stress Inoculation Therapy
Cognitive interview
Self-efficacy in snake phobic patients
Unnatural deaths in prison
Thinking patterns in criminals
Cognitive explanations of dysfunctional behaviour
Treatment of panic attacks
Transmission of aggression
Self-report measures of stress
Explanations of dysfunctional behaviour; Behavioural
Delinquent development
Reasons for non-adherence
Gender-related life-expectancy
Stages of decision making
Health Belief Model
Attribution of blame
Combined measures of stress
Biological explanations of dysfunctional behaviour
Biological explanations of phobias
Minority influence
Fear arousal
Physiological measures of stress
Sex-biases in diagnosis
Ear acupuncture
Witness confidence
Physical attractiveness
Violence in families with genetic abnormalities
The Peterborough Youth Study
Developments in offender profiling
Community based employment
Protective shields
Managing stress; Social support
John Duffy
Behavioural explanations of phobias
Anger-management courses
Bicycle helmet laws in children
Stress in the workplace
Treatment of social phobia with phenelenzine

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