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Can you name the Class Traits of Lord of the Rings Online (pre-HD)

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Burglar - Quiet Knife
Burglar - The Mischief-maker
Burglar - The Gambler
Burglar - Legendary
Captain - Hands of Healing
Captain - Lead the Charge
Captain - Leader of Men
Captain - Legendary
Champion - The Berserker
Champion - The Deadly Storm
Champion - The Martial Champion
Champion - Legendary
Guardian - Defender of the Free
Guardian - Fighter of Shadow
Guardian - The Keen Blade
Guardian - Legendary
Hunter - The Bowmaster
Hunter - The Huntsman
Hunter - The Trapper of Foes
Hunter - Legendary
Loremaster - The Ancient Master
Loremaster - Keeper of Animals
Loremaster - Master of Nature's Fury
Loremaster - Legendary
Minstrel - The Protector of Song
Minstrel - The Warrior-skald
Minstrel - The Watcher of Resolve
Minstrel - Legendary
Runekeeper - Benedictions of Peace
Runekeeper - Cleansing Fires
Runekeeper - Solitary Thunder
Runekeeper - Legendary
Warden - Way of the Fist
Warden - Way of the Shield
Warden - Way of the Spear
Warden - Legendary

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