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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Natural capability to produce offspring
2. Term for an inlet of the sea which was formed by glacial erosion
3. Law that states all moving bodies on Earth will be deflected because of Earth's movement
4. Term for flowing water over land which is not usually submerged
5. Term denoting farmland which has been left unseeded for a season or more in order to rest it
6. Process in which extreme changes of temperature contribute to breakup of rocks through water
7. Term for animal fodder Eg hay, root crops, alfalfa
8. Somewhat linear sequence of links in a food web
9. Point at which a liquid changes to a solid
10. Term for an extreme and general shortage of food
11. Term meaning 'relating to a river or a stream'
12. Term for an area near a river or a stream which #4s easily
13. Curved type of graph which shows the frequency of any chosen item
14. Portuguese/Brazilian term for a shanty town
15. Term meaning 'relating to a river which has been formed by meltwater from a glacier or ice sheet'
16. Term for a dividing line between two air masses
17. Requirements for production: usually seen as capital, labor, and land
18. Term for a long narrow lake situated in a glacial U-shaped valley
19. Term for any type of farming with it own distinctive characteristics
20. Term for any nonrenewable fuels formed from the remains of dead plants and animals
21. Planting, cultivating and management of woodland, usually for sale
22. Term for any material used to improve the #1 of the soil
23. Large group of nomadic and seminomadic pastoralists living in Northern Nigeria and the vicinity
24. Process by which rock strata buckles and bends
25. Range of values covered by any set of data
26. Term for a cleft or crack in a rock
27. Term for of when to have children, the use of birth control, and of other techniques
28. Term for a crack or fracture in the rocks of the Earth's crust with an associated movement of the rock on either side
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
29. Term for a rapid #4 caused by heavy rain followed by rapid runoff
30. Largest international network of environmental groups
31. Term for any of a large group of minerals which are silicates of aluminum
32. Term for a mass of small water droplets floating in the air
33. Type of diagram on which a line represents the movement of goods or people
34. Type of rainfall which is formed in a depression, usually near a #16
35. Surface along which #28 has occurred
36. Extent of sea across which winds can blow
37. Term for intensive livestock farming, in which cattle or pigs are kept permanently indoors and fed a carefully regulated amount of food each day
38. Collective services, goods, and amenities available in a settlement
39. Countries which generally have very advanced economies and very high HDIs
40. Type of light industries which have few basic requirements and can be located anywhere
41. Term for one who is French speaking
42. Term for a landscape which has been created by the farmers
43. German term for Granular snow, halfway between snow and ice
44. Term for mountains formed as a result of #24
45. Term for frozen droplets of water
46. Term for a flat low-lying area which is marshy
47. Hard rock which consists mainly of the mineral silica and can create sparks
48. Term for a scarp which is located along the line of a #28
49. Upland in northern England used mostly for grazing
50. German term for a warm dry wind which blows down the valleys on the north side of the Alps
51. Temperature scale which is used in English-speaking countries
52. Raising of soil and rocks from the ground surface by the freezing and expansion of groundwater
53. Term for a volcanic eruption in which lava pours out a #26
54. Term for a port or a zone within a port where no customs duty is paid
55. Term for a valley bottom or basin which is prone to #45

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