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QUIZ: Can you name the Physical Geography terms that begin with C (Part Three of Three)?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for a man-made waterway used for inland transportation and irrigation
2. The mineral which is the main component of #26 rocks, the most stable form of CaCO3
3. Theory that in an isotropic area settlements grow up at regular distances
4. Tiny marine animal which lives in massive colonies
5. Technique for comparing two or more sets of data
6. Term for any tree or shrub belonging to the genus Coffea
7. Term for a worker who travels daily from home to his/her place of work
8. Type of coast that runs parallel to the hills and other features immediately inland
9. Widely used temperature scale based on a 0 to 100 scale
10. Fruit of any plant belong to the genus Citrus
11. Term for a gap or pass in a line of hills
12. Type of map that provides quantitative info about different regions
13. Theory that an initial advantage can cause a sequence of developments which in turn lead to further advantages and development
14. Type of organization in which several small farmers/business pool their resources for mutual benefits
15. British term for public land which is normally used by commoners for grazing
16. Term for a large urban area formed of two or more merged urban areas
17. Term denoting the movement of water up the above the water table through tiny spaces between soil particles
18. Soft sedimentary rock, naturally very light in color, almost pure #2
19. Area which is drained by a river and its tributaries
20. Technique used in map work to show relief in a clear and simple fashion
21. Central part of a town or city which usually contains offices, stores, banks, etc.
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
22. Mechanical erosion caused by loose material during transportation
23. Term for a quantity of water or air moving in a specific direction
24. Compression of soil (Eg, walker's feet on along a popular footpath)
25. Steep-edged rock outcrop on a hillside
26. Term used to denote a soil or rock containing #2
27. Term for a flat block of limetsone between grikes
28. Shallow area of sea which is gentle continuation of the neighboring land
29. System of farming found in the Former USSR which combines several small farms into a large one
30. Term for a high, steep rock face, commonly associated with coast regions
31. Term for a large ridge of #4 found offshore
32. Process in which a gas or vapor changes to a denser form because of cooling
33. Term for a hill with a steep slope on one side and a gentle slope on the other
34. Process by which rainwater containing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere causes chemical weathering of #26 rocks by dissolving the #2
35. Term used to denote an industry or business activity which a large proportion of money is invested in equipment/machinery
36. System of farming in which each field is used for a different crop/animal every year
37. Term for a coal field which is underground and has not been discovered
38. Wind that blows at almost exact right angles to the course of a moving object
39. Term for a rock made up of silica, mostly derived from fragments of dead sea creatures
40. Term for a water-absorbing particle that causes #32
41. Term for a #25 with a tail of glacial material

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