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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure
2. Land on a shore between the high- and low- water marks
3. Study of the geographical distribution of plants and animals
4. Free-flowing lava which contains less than 50% silica
5. Type of Iron Ore which found in thin seams and dark in color
6. Italian term for a rock consisting of angular fragments of other rocks
7. Strong and very cold wind containing particles of ice and snow
8. Narrow horizontal ridge or shelf that separates two areas of different elevations
9. Point where a bridge has been built across a river
10. Extensively eroded landscape in an arid or semiarid area
11. Type of coal which contains about 80% carbon
12. Local name for a small/shallow lake in East Anglia
13. Model of urban layout as defined by E.W. Burgess
14. Term denoting the counterclockwise change of direction of a wind
15. Compass point measured in degrees from 0 to 360
16. Term for a large area of igneous rock which cooled and solidified below the surface
17. Name for a layer of transparent ice, often invisible
18. Type of broadleaf tree which retains green leaves all year long
19. Scale of wind speed which ranges from 0 to 12
20. Total organic matter of the plants and animals in a given area
21. Mountain or plateau uplifted between two or more parallel faults
22. General term for a geologic depression
23. Layer beneath the A horizon in a fully formed soil profile
24. Type of sand dune with its horns pointing downward
25. Type of coral reef set away from the coastline but parallel to it, but with a deep lagoon separating the two
26. Area of poor drainage which usually contains acid peat
27. Number of live births per year for every thousand people of a population
28. Hole in a cave or cliff through which water is forced
29. Steep slope at the side of a river
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
30. Dividing line between two different strata of sedimentary rock
31. Gas which is produced by rotting plant or animal material
32. Type of stream or river which splits into two or mor smaller channels which rejoin further downstream
33. Instrument which writes a continuous record of atmospheric pressure
34. Period in human development when bronze was used to make weapons and tools
35. Term for a small, isolated flat-topped hill, smaller than a mesa
36. Ore from which aluminum is obtained
37. Black or dark colored; most common igneous rock
38. Principle observed by CHD Buys Ballot about air pressure
39. Ridge of sediment deposited across the mouth of a #43 and attached to the land at both ends
40. Prevention of pregnancies by various means
41. Term used for an area of scrub where few people live and the landscape is wild and isolated
42. Large crevasse which forms in the ice at the upper end of a corrie
43. Inlet in the shore of a sea or lake, smaller than a gulf
44. Type of #26 that completely covers an area of usually horizontal land
45. Solid rock which lies below the soil and the regolith layers
46. Type of stream especially on the chalklands in southern England
47. Type of coal of which only 50% is carbon and of poor quality
48. Type of dam formed mostly of large gates
49. Downshore movement of water on a beach
50. Area of the Earth's crust and atmosphere where life is found
51. French landscape which consists of small farms in fields surrounded by woods/hedges
52. Road which goes around a city in order to divert traffic away from the inner city
53. Large group of microscopic unicellular or multicellular organisms
54. Term for any major type of environment
55. Cold wind which blows from the east into the Adriatic Sea
56. Area of sandy heathland on the Norfolk-Suffolk border of England
57. Name of a shantytown in India, especially around Kolkata

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