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Can you name the Physical Geography Terms that begin with V, W, X, Y, and Z?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Opening in the earth's crust through which molten rock, ashes, steam, etc. are ejected
2. Name for a stream which flows in winter but dries up in summer
3. Type of narrow, steep-sided ridge found in various arid areas
4. Name for a leading edge of warm air
5. Meteorological conditions which are being experienced over a time period
6. Term for any plant which is adapted to arid or semiarid conditions
7. Type of spring which emerges from underground in a limestone area
8. Cultivation of grapevines
9. Term for any settlement where water is available in an otherwise dry area
10. Point at which there is no increase in population
11. Name for a Gap in a ridge cut by a stream or river
12. Term used to denote the side of a hill or building which faces into the #17
13. Name for an elongated depression, lower than the surrounding landscapes
14. Decay and/or disintegration of rock caused by the effects of #5 and atmosphere
15. Level or gently sloping outcrop of rocks on the shore
16. Local name for a chalk hill in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire of England
17. Movement of air from one place of another
18. Afrikaaner term for a large expanse of grassland
19. Name for a sudden, steep, and/or vertical descent of the water of a stream or river
20. The term for a river in its upper or mountain course
21. Name for power generated from controlling #17
22. Major planetary #17s in temperate latitudes
23. Type of valley with a V-shaped cross section
24. Name for a region of mild or warm air between a #4 and its opposite
25. Common word for the plant life of a particular area
26. Date with the shortest amount of daylight
27. Name for a funnel-shaped mass of water, similar to a tornado
28. Term for a line of trees planted to provide shelter from strong and/or persistent #17s
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
29. Kind of mountain that has been relatively recently formed
30. Name for a hard mass of solidified lava in the vent of a #1
31. High ground which forms the boundary between two river basins
32. Day on which measurable rain has been recorded
33. Term for Ice on or near the surface which still contains some air
34. Type of corrasion on a rocky riverbed which works downward to produce potholes
35. Whirling column of air caused by a small rising current of hot air
36. Narrow area of high pressure extending from an anticyclone
37. Process connected with magma/lava, #1, and #1 related activities
38. Height difference between neighboring contours on a map
39. Term for a table-shaped area of rock formed by wind erosion
40. Circular movement of water in a body of water
41. Spanish term for irrigated agricultural areas, usually only for one crop
42. Term for any rock formed on the surface of the Earth as a result of Igneous activity
43. Thin deposit of some mineral occupying a crack or crevice in rock
44. The power produced by the movement of a body of water
45. Type of soil found in large areas having a similar climate and vegetation
46. Arabic term traditionally referring to a #13 but also may do with a dry riverbed
47. Swell or forward movement caused by the friction of #17 on water surfaces
48. Term denoting the clockwise change of direction of a wind
49. Perceived cooling effect of #17 in low-temperature conditions
50. Type of lava that is usually Acidic and slow flowing
51. Name of a diagram used for showing wind direction
52. Part of human geography which studies social inequalities
53. Bending of a wave as it approaches the shore
54. Level below which the layers of rock are saturated
55. Term for a gap, col, or small notch through which the wind can whistle
56. Perceived cooling effect of #17 in low-temperature conditions

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