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Can you name the Physical Geography terms that begin with T and U?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for relating to towns or cities
2. Physical property of matter that quantitatively expresses the feelings of hot and cold
3. Lowest part of the atmosphere, south of the #48
4. Movements which affect the features of the Earth's crust resulting from the movement of the earth's plates
5. Deterioration and decay of an #1 area
6. Loud noise which accompanies a flash of lightning and is caused by violent disturbance of the air by an electrical discharge
7. Having a moderate climate, such as midlatitude areas
8. Area around the city from which customers are drawn into the stores
9. Instrument which keeps a written record of temperature
10. French name for the shady side of a valley or mountain, normally the north-facing side
11. Area in an inner city where the older residential and industrial zones have decayed and are gradually being replaced by new developments
12. Part of the economy which includes all the service industries
13. Instrument for measuring #2, of which there are many types
14. Seasonal transfer of livestock between mountain and lowland pasture
15. Term for deep trench on the ocean floor
16. Coniferous forest which extends over thousands of square miles in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Canada
17. Italian term for the uncommon bar or spit which is joined to an island from the mainland
18. Growth and expansion of #1 development and #1 areas
19. Imaginary line of latitude at 23.5º north of the Equator
20. Spanish term for the hottest parts of tropical Central and South America
21. Term for an #1 area where decline and decay have taken place
22. Italian term for red earth which has gained its color because of the iron content
23. Line on a mountain above which trees do not grow
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
24. Term for an igneous rock containing very little quartz or feldspar
25. End of a fjord at teh point where it enters the open ocean
26. Landscape of an #1 area
27. Term for an #1 area which has a significantly higher #2 than the surrounding areas
28. Relief and configuration of a landscape, including its natural and man-made features
29. Type of fault in which the movement is along the horizontal
30. Subarctic area north of the #16 regions
31. Patterns of land use and the shapes of different zones which have evolved in many #1 areas
32. Storm caused by conventional activity and accompanied by #6 and lightning
33. Boundary between the #3 and stratosphere
34. Term for flexible woven material consisting of natural and/or artificial fibres
35. Spanish term for the cold areas of tropical Central and South America
36. Type of spur which has been cut off by glacial erosion
37. Spanish term for the temperate areas of tropical Central and South America
38. Term for stage 3 of Rostow's model characterized by dynamic economic growth
39. Replacement or renovation of older #1 areas
40. Imaginary line of latitude at 23.5º south of the Equator
41. Flow of water down a slope through the soil
42. Spreading out of #1 areas into surround rural areas as new houses are required for the growing population
43. Type of electricity produced from coal, oil or natural gas which are burend to produce steam which drives turbines
44. Type of map in which lines are stretched or straightened fro the sake of clarity but without losing their essential geometric relationships
45. Condition that arises from an inssuficient intake of food in order to maintain normal health
46. Term for a step-like landform used especially in agriculture

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