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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Instrument which measure earthquake
2. Type of precipitation consisting of water vapor which has frozen into ice crystals
3. Point on the Earth's surface at which underground water emerges
4. Size of a map expressed as a ratio of the actual size of the land
5. Russian term for a state farm in the USSR
6. Time used for a wide area rather than using local mean time or solar time
7. Type of industry which processes materials produced by the Primary Sector
8. Term used to denote drops of water which have been cooled below the freezing point but have remained in liquid form
9. Term for an area of old hard rock, Eg. Canadian ______
10. Term for a gentle slope found on the inside of the bend in a meander
11. Term for a hollow between two sand dunes in a coastal region
12. Term for an accumulation of #2 in a mountainous area
13. Process whereby sand grains moved by wind bump into other grains, which are then moved forward as well
14. Method of farming which involves planting different crops on sloping ground to ensure that the land is is not all bare at the same time
15. Practice of putting more nuclei into clouds so more water droplets will condense on to the nuclei and form sufficiently heavy droplets to fall as rain
16. Series of #3 along the foot of a chalk or limestone hill
17. British name for a small area of land used generally intensively for farming purposes
18. Term for a very irregular surface of ice, generally found at the foot of an icefall on a glacier
19. Term for convection currents in the mantle which are responsible for the plate movements of the Earth's crust
20. Term for loose fragments of rock which have accumulated on a hillside
21. Name used by the Brandt Commission to describe the poorer countries of the world
22. Downward fold in folded rock
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
23. Study of Earthquakes
24. Cultivation of trees for commercial reasons
25. Term for erosion on the surface of the Earth
26. Term for a depositional area along a coast
27. Large area of Africa to the south of the Sahara Desert
28. Term for an area of tropical grassland, esp. in Africa
29. Type of precipitation made from a combination of rain and #2
30. Mining method which uses a vertical shaft to reach and extract the mineral
31. Type of cloud characterized by horizontal layering with a uniform base
32. Sinking of Earth's crust or air to a lower level
33. Type of canal which can be used by oceangoing vessels
34.Term used to denote a river basin which does not follow the trend of the rocks over which it is flowing
35. Term for a graph which shows the relationship between two variables using cartesian coordinates
36. Conditions for living thought to be necessary
37. Term for a dark area on the Sun's surface which gives out a higher level of solar radiation
38. Type of mass movement in which earth moves downhill
39. Type of farming in which the landowner is given a percentage of the crop harvested instead of a rent in cash
40. Line on a mountainside above which there is perpetual #2
41. Part of the economy which deals with manufacturing and processing
42. Classification of streams in a drainage basin through numbers
43. Area of temperate grassland with a semi-arid or continental climate

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