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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Four periods of the year
2. Area around a city, region, or country which is has significant cultural, economic, military and/or political influence
3. Downward movement of rocks and crustal material at a zone of convergence
4. Upper layer of loose material resting on top of the rock which makes up the surface of the earth
5. Term for an icicle-shaped deposit found hanging from the roof in an underground cave
6. Term for a small part of a population taken to represent the characteristics of that whole population
7. Process in which scratches and grooves ('Striae') are left by ice scraping over rocks
8. Lip of threshold of a cirque which often acts like a dam
9. Layer which is situated below the topsoil
10. Brazilian term for a dense tropical forest found in the Amazon basin characterized by a rich variety of plants and insects
11. Type of timber which is obtained from coniferous trees
12. Meteorological term which is applied to air that cannot hold any more water vapor
13. Removal of #4 from an area by means of wind or water
14. Term for a hole in an area of limestone which is usually is formed by the collapse of surface material
15. Mutually beneficial relationship between two different organisms
16. Term for a screen or shelter built to house weather instruments
17. Type of vegetation found in locations which do not have rainfall throughout all the #1
18. Slow downhill movement of #4 particles
19. Type of agriculture practiced in a fixed location
20. Style of farming in which lots of land are cultivated temporarily, then abandoned
21. Type of mass movement in which rock and #4 move downhill
22. Temperature reading taken in the shade, usually in a#16
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
23. Flow of #4 which is slightly quicker #18 though still very slow and not visible to the naked eye
24. Norwegian term for an area of mountain pasture
25. Subdividing of a field into small strips so that only one part is grazed at a time
26. Protection and preservation of #4 so it will not ruin or have #13 occur
27. Form of erosion in which the surface materials are all removed
28. Type of fodder crop which has been harvested while green generally stored in a silo
29. Type of thorny xerophytic #17 vegetation
30. Term for a column of calcium carbonate which grows upward from the floor of a cave
31. Small craft for underwater exploration, research or engineering
32. 700 mile long fault stretching through California in the USA
33. Downstream end of a glacier
34. Term for a large or massive movement of water
35. Use of a model to imitate reality
36. Rate at which #12 air cools as it ascends
37. Size or arrangement of the particles which comprise a #4
38. Term for a very narrow terrace in an area of softish rocks such as glacial drift
39. Type of stream which is a tributary to the consequent stream
40. Term for a granite intrusion which is like a small version of a batholith
41. Term for a map drawn not terribly accurately but showing specific information
42. Term for a type of plant which lives on decaying vegetable matter
43. Method used by shifting cultivators which kills and burns the foliage a certain area

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