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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for any collection of dwellings ranging from a small hamlet to cities such as New York
2. Term for an area of an unspecified size
3. Element which comprises about 28% of the Earth's crust
4. Metamorphic Rock characterized by thin plates or flakes of minerals which overlap like tiles on a roof
5. Part of geography which deals with the overall study of a particular subject rather than the study of the subjects within a particular region
6. Production of metal by melting the ore and extracting the impurities
7. Portion of rainfall which runs off but doesn't percolate into the earth
8. Sharp-crested, elongated type of sand dune, often miles long
9. Analysis and explanation of the distribution of people or an activity in a certain #2
10. Term for a large movement of oceanic water which is likely to cause large waves or high tides when it reaches land
11. Term for a population where fertility and mortality rates are constant
12. Lighter, granitic layer of the Earth's crust consisting largely of #3 and aluminum
13. Type of #1 which grows up without planning
14. Waste products which result from #6 iron
15. Term for a synopsis or summary of the weather which is drawn on a map each day
16. Term for a 'self-contained town found well away from a major city but still associated with it'
17. Term for an are of very run-down, poor quality housing usually characterized by overcrowding, multi-occupancy and poverty
18. Part of the Earth's crust which makes up most of the ocean floors and also rests beneath the #12 of the continents
19. Tearing down of a #17 and subsequent redevelopment of the area
20. Term for heat, or electricity derived from solar radiation
21. Name for a wind which blows from the sea onto the land
22. Term meaning 'Beneath a glacier or ice sheet'
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
23. Manner in which settlements or other #2 phenomena are set out and the distances between them
24. Warm, dry wind which blows northward from the Sahara Desert toward the Mediterranean
25. Classical model of urban morphology which used sectors as the basis of the divisions of land in a city
26. Seesaw-like irrigation apparatus for lifting water from rivers commonly used in the Arab World
27. Term for an area of unplanned and spontaneous development in an urban area
28. Term for a vent or small crater in the surface of the Earth which emits variety of (esp. Sulfuric) gases
29. Type of living where farmers grow enough food and make enough clothes for their own requirements
30. Celestial body which orbits a planet or smaller body (primary)
31. Period when early humans were using and shaping objects from stone
32. Term for a short steep slope which is generally bare rock
33. Term for a coastline formed when the sea level rose and submerged the former area of land
34. Term for a mixture of smoke and fog
35. Classification method for #1s according to their size and influence
36. Term for a built-up area on the outskirts of a city
37. Term for a period of strong winds and implying severe weather
38. Term for a small area of low pressure which is found on the edge of a major depression
39. Spanish term for a range of mountains
40. Rise in the sea to a higher level than expected as a result of strong winds
41. Simple lifting device used for irrigation from wells
42. Term for a small rocky islet, generally located at the end of a peninsula
43. Term for a fiber which does not occur naturally
44. Term for a cloud which also contains some areas with vertical extent which sometimes predicts a coming #37

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