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QUIZ: Can you name the Physical Geography terms that begin with Q and R?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for an area which has a number of distinctive characteristics
2. Term for a collection of minerals which have been cemented together
3. Term for drops of water falling from the sky
4. Term for a person seeking shelter and protection in a foreign country due to persecution or war in their own country
5. Logarithmic scale for measuring the magnitude of an earthquake
6. Classification system used to categorize humans into large, distinct populations by geographic ancestry, physical appearance, and ethnicity
7. Re-selling of goods
8. Term for loose #2 fragments which have broken away from the solid bed#2
9. Term for a period of 24 hours in which a measurable amount of #3 has fallen
10. Emergence of a stream from underground
11. Term for grassland that is low in quality and unimproved
12. Term used to evaluate the general well-being of individuals and societies
13. Term for a renewal of the erosive power of a river
14. Area in the southern hemisphere between latitudes 40º and 50º S where the westerly winds blow uninterrupted past any land mass
15. Term for a small, narrow, steep-sided valley
16. Use of spacecraft and satellites to take photographs from great heights
17. Term for disturbed and turbulent water resulting in a strong current moving offshore
18. Emission of energy in the form of heat
19. Term for #3 colored by fine dust particles that falls in midlatitudes
20. Turning of the Earth about its own axis
21. Part of geography studying #1s and their particular qualities
22. Common material which consists of silica
23. Term for fine particles produced by abrasion beneath a glacier or ice sheet
24. Process of removing impurities from metals, sugar, petroleum, etc.
25. Term for any form of energy of which there is an infinite supply
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
26. Term for an area of sand and mud which contains a high proportion of water and is infamous as a 'death trap'
27. Elastic material obtained from the latex of various species of Hevea and Ficus
28. Statistical technique that shows a 'best fit' line through a series of points on a graph
29. Term for a shower or fall of #3
30. Term for a valley resulting from earth movements along fault lines, where two or more roughly parallel faults have caused land to sink by downfaulting
31. Term for a bright, multicolored band which is usually seen as a circular or partial arc formed opposite to the Sun or other light sources
32. Utilization of a resource which cannot be replaced
33. Model which predicts shopping habits and the limits of catchment areas for malls and shopping centers
34. Process of collecting and recovering waste for reuse
35. Term for an area of land, usually square in shape, in which a field study is taking place
36. Term for a plant which is grown for its edible roots
37. Instrument used for measuring #29 and other forms of precipitation
38. Term for a ferry or ocean ship which transports vehicles
39. Term for the differences in standards of living existing within a country
40. Type of fog which occurs as a result of heat loss from the ground by #18 during the night
41. Excavation of rock from an open working on the surface
42. Term for a small valley or lowland area extending into a #1 of higher ground
43. Term for a small but steep, isolated hill which is the last remnant of a larger mass of high ground
44. Type of metamorphosed sandstone which is very hard and resistant
45. Scale for measuring the intensity of earthquakes which was commonly used until 1931
46. Soil type which occurs on chalk and limestone
47. Process in which #3 hits rock and soil, washing away tiny particles
48. Term for a complete circuit of the Earth around the Sun
49. Term for a dense forest growing in regions with heavy #29 throughout the year
50. Type of lava extrusion which has solidified in extended linear fashion like pieces of thick rope

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