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Can you name the Physical Geography terms that begin with Q and R?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for a natural, channeled flow of water which moves downhill because of gravity
2. Feature of the landscape
3. Theory that the population of the second largest city in a region will be half the population of the largest city of that region or country
4. Staple cereal crop for most of Asia from Oryza sativa
5. Term for a pastime, diversion or other leisure activity
6. Geological period representing the last 2 million years
7. Term for a coarse-grained sedimentary rock
8. Term for weathered and eroded fragments that are left behind
9. Type of Conurbation consisting of a circular urban development enclosing a central green belt
10. Seasonal changes in climatic conditions
11. Term for a relatively hard rock which can withstand weathering and erosion more successfully than neighboring rocks
12. Type of pastoral farming which utilizes large areas of grassland
13. Movement of people from rural areas into the cities
14. Term for the sector of a company which is devoted to researching new products or techniques and developing them to help the particular industry
15. Term for an underground irrigation channel, esp. n Iran and Pakistan
16. Pattern of seasonal variations (#10) in the volume of a #1
17. Type of map which shows #2 features
18. Term for a line of mountains which makes a more or less continuous barrier
19. Downward movement in a semicircular motion, of a mass of rock, soil or ice along a concave face
20. Breakdown of certain unstable particles in rocks which enables the age of the rocks to be calculated
21. Type of frost caused by supercooled droplets which freeze on to exposed objects
22. Term for a lake used to store water, not necessarily artifical
23. Term which refers to the type of information based on some quality or characteristic
24. Capture of a #1's water supply by a second #1 which works backs back uphill by headward erosion and intercepts the flow
25. Term for a primary of partly processed product which is the basis for manufacturing into a finished product
26. Term for a narrow elongated area of high ground with low ground on both sides
27. Drainage pattern in which the flow of water is away from a central high point
28. Careful and considered control of the exploitation of a resource
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
29. Term for small waterfalls and turbulent water along a stretch of #1
30. Model describing the stages of economic development which all countries will pass through
31. Term for a porous rock in which the pores have been filled by water, natural gas or oil
32. Term for one of four equal parts in a data distribution set
33. Scale of a map expressed a fraction of the actual size of the area represented
34. Term for a settlement in a rural area
35. Part of the economy which deals with providing information and expertise
36. Term for a small channel formed by water erosion
37. Process of refreezing which explains what causes glaciers to move
38. Term for a drawing of a section of #1
39. Urban area of the Netherlands which includes Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Dordecht, and Utrecht?
40. Method of dating using the radioactive isotope of carbon (C-14)
41. Term for a #29 of high pressure which is an extension of an anticyclone
42. Term for land which is recoverd for pdocutive use
43. Term for an old and abandoned flood plain
44. Term which refers to the type of information based in quantities or else quantifiable data
45. Term for a drowned #1 valley in a hilly landscape
46. Transitional area between town and country
47. Term for an elevated beach which is now above sea level because of an uplift of the land or retreat of the sea
48. Amount of water vapor actually present in the air
49. Term for a rock which has been scraped smooth by ice on one side but has been plucked into a jagged shape on the other, downhill side
50. Planting of trees in an are which has been deforested
51. Term for a fixed maximum amount of a good that may be imported, exported, or produced

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