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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Study of soil
2. Branch of geography which studies the physical features of the Earth
3. Area of temperate grassland near the Rio de la Plata
4. Term for any of the industries which provide primary products (goods which hae not been changed or processed)
5. Broad term meaning the 'contamination of the atmosphere or water'
6. Term for a narrow strip of land which protrudes into the sea
7. Type of lava that has formed when magma is expelled under water or flows into water before solidifying
8. Term for an extensive area of low-lying, flat or gently undulating land
9. Type of soil composed of dead and decaying remains of vegetation
10. Part of the economy which is concerned with the #4
11. Cold air which blows from the Arctic or Antarctic
12. Wet field in which rice is grown
13. Sale of a formerly state-owned industry or company to the public
14. Study of the formation of the major structures on the Earth's surface by the movement of the underlying plates
15. Term used to denote rocks containing very small holes which retain water
16. Term for a stream or river which flows permanently
17. Change of pressure as shown by isobars on a weather map
18. Rearing of herbivorous animals
19. Part of the economy which is not owned or controlled by the government
20. Large group of soils which contain aluminum and iron
21. Type of igneous rock which has formed beneath the surface
22. Northern and Southernmost extremities of the earth
23. Chemical process where green plants build up complex organic compunds from atmospheric carbon dioxide and water using sunlight
24. Location of a specific place in general terms
25. Term meaning 'occurring in, or inhabiting, the open sea'
26. Type of drainage pattern where the channels of streams and their tributaries run almost parallel to each other
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
27. Study of old magnetic fields
28. Major winds of the world, which blow over very large areas
29. Term for a small, roughly circular hole on the rocky bed of a stream
30. Term for a land that is permanently frozen
31. Term used for various ethnic groups worldwide whose average height is unusually short
32. Term for an area of flat low-lying land which has been reclaimed from the sea
33. Organism which lives on or in another living organism and draws most of its energy from it
34. Term for an organism that obtains energy from sunlight
35. French term denoting early fruit and vegetables
36. Chemical industry which uses petroleum as its main raw material
37. Part of Human Geography which studies the effect of geography on politics
38. Term for any of a large group of soils which contains a high proportion of calcium
39. Term for the most frequent wind direction
40. Pool at the base of a waterfall
41. Term denoting rocks which are #15 and absorb water
42. Part of a national economy which is owned and controlled by the state
43. Study of prehistoric climates
44. Geological epoch which spans the world's most recent glaciations
45. Term for a deposit of sand and gravel containing particles of a precious mineral
46. Term used to denote any of the more advanced nations which have seen a decline in heavy industries (steel, shipbuilding)
47. Term for a line of water seepage through soil
48. Type of volcanic rock which is very light and #15
49. Term for an area of grassland suitable for grazing by animal
50. Process which occurs when ice in a glacier freezes to a rock and then moves, taking the rock with it
51. Term for a #49 used for feeding cattle or sheep for many years
52. Area of high, level, and bleak land in the Andes

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