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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Measure of soil acidity
2. Term for the area around the edge of a glacial area
3. Products of condensation in the atmosphere which fall on the surface of the Earth
4. Hawaiian name for ropy lava
5. Term for any of a various yellow minerals that have a metallic luster
6. Meeting point between cold polar air moving southward and warm tropical air heading northward
7. Chemical substance used to kill insects or animals that are regarded as harmful to human beings and their activities
8. Process by which water passes down through the pores in the soil and through cracks and joints in the rocks
9. Term for a headland or small peninsula which protrudes into the sea
10. Type of glacier with low rates of accumulation and depletion
11. Term used to denote an early, mainly rural society in which agriculture was the predominant activity
12. Term for the total number of inhabitants of a region
13. Term for a summit of a hill in the Lake District and other places in northern England
14. Term for an area of eroded fragments of rock close to uplands in a semiarid or arid region
15. Halfway stage between iron ore and the finished product, steel
16. Increase or decrease of #12 in a region
17. Geological era which lasted from about 570 to 225 mya
18. Earliest geological era which finished ~570 mya
19. Type of low plateaus of land in northern France
20. Circular type of diagram divided into segments which represent different percentages of a set of information
21. Industry which converts an agricultural commodity into a saleable product
22. Term meaning 'edge or outside'
23. Type of eruption which occurs when viscous magma is involved and contains pyroclastic flows
24. Final stage in the cycle of erosion which has worn down large mountain ranges to low landscapes
25. Term for a large farm or estate especially in the tropical and semitropical latitudes
26. Term for a flat, grassland area
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
27. Bedrock from which a soil has been formed
28. Term for a volcanic plug
29. Very small plants and animals which float or drift around in the sea
30. Geological epoch that extended from about 65 to 53 mya
31. Vertical section of soil which shows changes, including different horizons from the surface down
32. Large and rapid increase in the size of a #12
33. Geological period of the #17 which follows the Carboniferous and precedes the Triassic
34. Term for any fragment of rock thrown out by volcanic activity
35. Term for a large area formed by the merging of several areas of #14
36. Number of people per square mile or square kilometer
37. Term for the largest city in a region which are much larger than the second city of the area
38. Name given to a vast land mass which millions of years ago was the only land on the Earth
39. Type of economy that is controlled and monitored by the central government
40. Term relating to the region at the foot of a mountain
41. Vicious cycle of poverty that is passed fromone generation to the next if not broken by outside factors
42. Term for a rock which is shaped like a mushroom as a result of corrasion by sand
43. Type of system used at some dams where water is pumped back uphill to a storage reservoir
44. Term denoting rocks through which water can pass by moving through cracks and fissures
45. Term for an increase in the #12 of a region
46. Term for an elevated area of land which is fairly flat
47. Study of fossils
48. Way in which a #12 is distributed
49. Term for small-scale farming in which farmers grows crops and rears animals mainly for their own use but usually with some surplus
50. Income per person, generally quoted over a period of one year
51. Russian term for the most common type of acidic soil
52. Term for a cone-shaped mound that stands alone and has a core of ice

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