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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for a fertile location which has water in an arid landscape
2. Type of mineral or rock which contains a substance of some monetary value
3. Term for when too many people or organisms in too little space
4. Principal component of the hydrosphere, a major body of saline water
5. Process of mountain formation
6. Term for a site in a rural area near to a city, in which new development can take place
7. Mining of rocks or minerals which are on or near the surface
8. Proportion of the population of a city which moves out to find more space or better liing conditions in a new area a few miles away
9. Term denoting matter that came from a once-living organism that is also capable of decay
10. Best population density for a particular region
11. Measurement of cloud cover equal to one eighth used in meteorology
12. End product of a process or system
13. Term for a river or stream that flows in the opposite direction to the dip of the rock strata over which it is flowing
14. Type of fold in which the rock strat hae been push over because of intense compression
15. Part of a layer of rock or rock formation which is exposed at the surface of the ground
16. Type of limestone consisting of calcareous shells which accumulated on the seabed
17. British name for a secondary port which is downstream, nearer to the sea than the main port
18. Distinctive and persistent movement of #4 water
19. Type of rainfall which occurs as a result of winds rising to pass over high ground
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
20. Type of lake which was formed when a meander of river was cut off
21. Term for a port where oil tankers carrying oil from producing regions unload in the importing country
22. Organization set up in 1960 which fixes the price of oil on the international market
23. Term for when too many crops have been planted continually and causes soil to lose its fertility
24. Type of system into and out of which material and energy are passed
25. Excessive use of an area of land for grazing which results in extreme erosion
26. Cereal plant (Avena sativa) which can be used human and animal food
27. Form of oxygen which is found in very small quantities in the atmosphere which absorbs large amounts of ultraviolet waves
28. Term for a mass of newer rocks surrounded by older rocks
29. Second oldest period of the Paleozoic era
30. Term for an animal which eats plants and animals
31. Condition of having too great a population for the available resources
32. Movement of the seabed associated with plate tectonics
33. Term for a depositional area built up by the sands and gravel brought down by streams flowing from a glacier
34. Organization which aims to promote mutual growth and development, develop common social welfare policies, and help developing countries
35. Combination of a warm and a cold front in a depression
36. Term for any fertilizer derived from #9 materials
37. Type of valley formed by water overflowing from a lake

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