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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Area of higher ground or mountain with fairly similar features
2. Boundary between the #10 and the thermosphere
3. Type of climate associated with the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea
4. Industry which involves the production of finished or partly finished products from raw materials
5. Movement of a mass of soil or rocks which have been liquefied by rain or melting snow
6. Type of thermometer which records the highest temperature of the day
7. Ocean ridge that runs for 8,700 miles along the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
8. Term for a tract of bleak open land usually with heather or bracken vegetations
9. Weather conditions in a small area
10. Zone of atmosphere which extends from the stratopause to the #2
11. Warm ocean current found off the coast of southeastern Africa
12. Average level of the sea
13. Type of scrub consisting mainly of low-growing Eucalyptus
14. Term for combined arable and pastoral farming
15. Person of mixed European and Native American ancestry
16. Climate which is strongly influenced by proximity to the sea
17. Term used when a particular good or service is provided by a single supplier
18. Disease, transmitted by mosquitos, which breeds in stagnant water
19. Study of the atmosphere
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
20. Cold northerly wind which blows down the Rhône valley in France
21. Value found in the center of a set of data ranked in size order (statistics)
22. Term for a cloudlike mass of minute droplets of water suspended in the air near the ground
23. System for representing on a flat surface the curved surface of Earth
24. Term for very small farms in Latin America
25. General name for a central area, especially where goods are sold
26. Scale for measuring the intesity of earthquakes
27. Accumulation of boulders and rock fragments deposited by glaciers
28. Type of clay which contains large quantities of calcium carbonate
29. Growing of one crop
30. General climate of a large area
31. Large stone erected by humans often to make a monument
32. Term for a scale representation of some feature in the world
33. Term for an area of land which is not very productive
34. #32 of urban morphology which shows that large cities develop and grow around two or more separate central places
35. Era of middle life in the geological time scale
36. Inadequate nutrition or nourishment
37. Type of thermometer which records the lowest temperature reached during the night
38. Term for a city with more than 1 million inhabitants

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