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Can you name the Physical Geography terms that begin with M?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for a soft, wet area which has poor drainage and frequent waterlogging
2. Type of rocks which have been changed by the effects of heat and/or pressure
3. Term for a very large city or group of cities
4. Scale of mineral hardness, from 1 to 10
5. Property of materials that is attracted to another material because of electro_______
6. Term for a mass of land that rises fairly steeply from the Earth's surface to a summit
7. Unit of atmospheric pressure which is equal to one thousandth of a bar
8. System of transportation in which trains or trucks perform the same journey repeatedly
9. Structural zone of the Earth, situated between the lithosphere and the core
10. Type of fold in which one limb is vertical or nearly vertical for a short distance
11. Type of coarse sandstone esp. in the Pennines of England
12. Large-scale production of manufactured goods
13. Term for a large mass of air which has come from an area of sea
14. Term meaning 'of a #6 area'
15. Rock-forming mineral made of silicates
16. Water created from the melting of snow or ice
17. Term for molten rock beneath the surface of the Earth
18. Movement of people from one place to another
19. Term for a boggy area which contains sphagnum moss
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
20. British name for a town where a market is held regularly or permanently
21. Spanish term for a flat area of upland rather like a table
22. Term for an isolated residual hill
23. Type of scrub vegetation found in Mediterranean regions of France
24. Inorganic substance with a particular chemical composition
25. Term for any tree or shrub of the genus Rhizophora
26. Term for a larger company which has interests in several countries
27. Term for a map formed in a person's mind through his or her knowledge and prejudices
28. Region referring specifically to the high plateau area in central Spain
29. Term for a stream that is too small for the size of the valley in which it is situated
30. Region in which the Earth's #5 field can be detected
31. Seasonal wind which is associated with heavy rains, esp. in Southern Asia
32. Downhill movement of soil and rock due to the effects of gravity
33. Way in which the creation of one or two industries may encourage the setting up of other industries in the area
34. Popular type of map projection rectangular in shape
35. Boundary between the lithosphere and #9
36. Term for limestone which has been metamorphosed by the effects of heat or pressure
37. Bend or curve in the course of a river

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