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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Broad term that describes a body of water, usually of some size, lying in a depression in the Earth's surface
2. General scenery of an area including the geomorphological features as well as man made features
3. Sedimentary rock formed on the bed of a warm sea by an accumulation of dead sea creatures
4. Light wind blowing seaward from the adjoining land, usually at night
5. Solid layer which forms the surface of the Earth
6. Hot, southerly wind which blows from Northern Africa and the Middle East toward the Mediterranean Sea
7. Term for a reddish hard-baked soil which is found in tropical parts of the world
8. Ancient continent which consisted of North America, Europe and Asia
9. Molten rock or magma which has reached the Earth's surface as a result of volcanic activity
10. Economic term for the factor of production involving manual or intellectual work
11. Type of soil which is between a clay and sand in characteristics
12. Term for any plant of the family Leguminosae
13. Redistribution of land which endeavors to reduce inequalities in land ownership
14. Wind-blown soil which consists of very fine particles of dust
15. Term in geomorphology used to describe a location where there is a sharp change in channel slope
16. Flash of light caused by a strong discharge of electricity in the atmosphere
17. Milky white fluid which is the source of rubber
18. Term for a fluvioglacial deposit formed by streams flowing on to or beneath the ice
19. Weater conditions experienced in a small area
20. Sheltered side of a hill/mountain, ie from the wind
21. More formal term for sideways erosion
22. Type of cooperative farm and settlement found in Israel
23. Term for an elongated settlement formed around a transportation route
24. Term for a naturally occurring ridge or artificially constructed wall which regulates water levels
25. Term meaning 'Relating to a #1'
26. Term for an industrial site where total costs are theoretically at their lowest
27. Lengthwise section of a geographical feature
28. Scale on which the average value of land declines in proportion to its distance from a city's downtown area
29. Russian name for a collective farm
30. Climbing plant which grows on trees in tropical forests
31. Method for measuring the concentrations of a particular industry
32. Term denoting a wind which blows downhill
33. Distance north or south of the Equator, measured at an angle from the Earth's center
34. Term for a linear pile of rocks deposited by a glacier
35. Angular distance of a point on the Earth's surface measured east or west from a prime meridian
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
36. Term for any feature in the #2
37. Type of Industry which produces goods that can be transported easily by road
38. Type of industry or business activity which uses more #10 than capital or machinery (proportionally)
39. Term for a moving, outpouring of #9 from a volcano or fissure
40. Percentage of people in a given population who have been taught how to read and write
41. Term for any time spent away from business, work, and domestic chores
42. Type of #2 found on #3 where most of the water has gone underground
43. Ways in which land is used
44. Term for the poorer countries of the world, where agriculture remains the largest activity
45. Theory which tries to generalize and simplify the location of various patterns of #43
46. Term for an outcrop of Carboniferous #3 in which horizontal rocks have been weathered into clints and grikes
47. Unit of speed used instead of MPH or KMPH which represents one nautical mile per hour
48. Spanish name for grasslands, especially near the Orinoco River
49. Hot, dry southerly wind which blows into southern Spain
50. Rate at which temperature decreases with height above the ground
51. Term for a stretch of shallow water partially or completely cut off from the sea
52. Term for a region of low atmospheric pressure
53. Number of years a person may be expected to live based on statistical probability
54. Term for a small hollow 30-60 ft (10-20 m) across situated in a glacial or outwash plain
55. Term for a large farm or estate in Spain and South America that is farmed extensively
56. Term for a vein or seam of minerals
57. Usually rapid movement of rocks, soil and vegetation down a slope
58. Scottish term for a #1
59. Cold sea current found in the North Atlantic Ocean
60. Any arable land temporarily sown with grass for sheep and cattle
61. Term for a small, rounded hill
62. Sediment carried by a river, ice or the sea
63. Type of graph in which the values recorded are joined together by a continuous line
64. Term for a large, elevated area which has been built up by a series of volcanic eruptions and #39s
65. System of land ownership or rental including sharecropping
66. Irish term for a #1
67. Movement of sand, mud and shingle along a coastline
68. Term for an area, often a country, which has no access to the sea
69. Term for an igenous intrusion which forced its way between existing strata
70. Process by which chemicals and nutrients are removed from a soil

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