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QUIZ: Can you name the Physical Geography terms that begin with I and J?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for frozen water
2. Term for casual employment, often with irregular hours, child labor and sometimes of dubious legality
3. Theoretical line which approximates to the 180ยบ of longitude used to overcome time differences
4. Heavy industry which is considered a vital part of any nation's industrial development
5. Process in a soil whereby materials from upper horizons are leached out and redeposited in lower horizons
6. Term for a series of spurs on alternate sides of a river valley
7. Term for an old meander which has become deepened and has cut down into the landscape
8. Zone in the atmosphere containing parts of the Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere
9. Amount of energy received from the Sun
10. Term for an area of land completely surrounded by water
11. Term for a large expanse of snow and #1
12. Term for any of the items which are put into a system
13. United Nations agency that aims to improve international standars of social and economic conditions for employees worldwide
14. Eskimo people who live in Greenland, northern Alaska and northern Canada
15. Strong current of air blowing through the atmosphere at a high altitude
16. Supplying of water by artificial means to an area where there is a shortage, usually for the purpose of growing crops
17. Term for a basic framework of roads, power and water supplies, schools, hospitals, etc.
18. Type of stream which flows for only part of the year
19. Term, first used by Winston Churchill in 1946, which describes the imaginary barrier between Western Europe and the USSR and Eastern bloc countries
20. Term for people who are native to an area
21. Term for an area of old rocks surrounded by younger rocks
22. Term for a prolonged period of colder climatic conditions
23. Term for a line on a weather map joining places with equal rainfall
24. Term for a vertical crack in a rock, occurring mostly in sedimentary rocks
25. Term for a commodity or article brought into a country from abroad
26. Term for a line on a map which joins places having the same value of any selected element
27. Items in a country's exports which earn foreign exchange without the transfer of goods out of the country to another
28. Residential area in or near the center of a city
29. Term for a line on a weather map joining places of equal pressure
30. Term for a large expanse of snow and #1 which covers a land mass
31. Term denoting rocks of volcanic origin which were formed from magma
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
32. State of balance or equilibrium of the Earth's land masses
33. Term for the downward movement of water from the surface of the soil
34. Period in human development following the Bronze Age
35. Term meaning 'between two mountains'
36. Term for a purpose-built site, where various businesses and industries are located
37. Very small unit of energy which equals 0.239 calories
38. Term denoting rocks which will not allow the passage of water because it contains no joints, cracks or fissures
39. Term for #31 rocks which form within the crust of the earth
40. Visibility of one point on the landscape from another
41. Term denoting rocks which are nonporous and therefore do not absorb water
42. Meeting point of two rivers
43. Condition of an air mass with a lapse rate which is greater than the dry adiabatic lapse rate
44. Type of soil which develops in a particular environment, irrespective of climate
45. Term for a floating mass of #1 which originated on land as part of a glacier or #30
46. Type of relief in which former uplands have been so eroded that they now lie below the surrounding areas which were previous lower
47. Process of carrying out all the distinct stages of an industry in one location
48. Type of tropical or monsoon forest with dense undergrowth
49. Term for a line on a weather map joining places of equal termperature
50. Term for where an industry is located where the transportation costs of raw materials and final product is a minimum
51. Replacement of goods that were previously #25-ed by home-produced goods
52. Geological time period which occurred about 150 million years ago
53. Term for a narrow strip of land, with water on either side which connects two large areas of land
54. Process by which #39s are formed
55. Period of time when the development of steam power and many other inventions enabled rapid progress to made in many industries
56. Type of water that is found within magma and appears at the Earth's surface for the first time aftera volcanic eruption
57. Term for a shelf of floating #1 on the sea
58. Term for a settler from another country or region
59. Term for any system of farming which gives a high return per acre
60. Term meaning 'showing the same physical proportions in every direction'
61. Aboriginal name for the most common species of Eucalyptus tree
62. Section of a glacier where there is an abrupt change of gradient and the ice goes down a steep slope

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