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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for a plant-eating animal
2. Term layer of hard material found just below the surface, often in sandstone areas
3. Most recent period or epoch of geological time
4. Term for electricity produced from falling water
5. Period of major mountain formation which occurred at the end of the Carboniferous period
6. Dark organic material in soils, produced from plant and animal matter
7. Atmospheric circulation cell named after British scientist George ______
8. Term for narrow steep-sided ridge which stands up sharply from the surrounding countryside
9. Term for a person who survives by hunting animals and birds, and gathering wild fruits and berries
10. System of grading the various types of human settlements according to size
11. Strong, northerly wind which blows from the Sahara to the Gulf of Guinea region
12. Cultivation of plants in nutrient solutions rather than in soil
13. Type of valley which is elevated above the level of a main valley
14. Term for the land or district behind a coast or the shoreline of a river
15. Term for an area on the Earth's surface where the crust is quite thin and volcanic activity can occur, even though it is not a plate margin
16. Term denoting igneous rock that forms at medium to shallow depths within the crust
17. Term for an area in which an organism can live
18. Term for a graph which shows groups of classes of data by means of a series of columns or rectangles placed side by side
19. Growing of vegetables, flowers and fruit
20. Type of broad-leaved tree which comes from non-coniferous trees
21. Instrument for recording the relative humidity of the air
22. System of farming, generally extensive and pastoral, in highland areas
23. Crossbreeding of plants to produce new varieties which are developed for special qualities
24. Unit of area, equal to 2.47 acres
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
25. Term for a stretch of water close to the shore which provides an anchorage and shelter for boats and ships
26. Term for a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean or Central America
27. Type of iron ore which is always at least 60% pure
28. Major section of geography which includes the study of people, work, lifestyles, and settlements
29. Term for a very large store shopping complex selling a wide range of goods and services
30. Canadian and British term for a coastline that has been unaltered and protected from development for its natural beauty and wildlife
31. Other name for 'Water Cycle'
32. Term for small pellets of ice which have been formed by raindrops freezing
33. Term for any of the layers of soil which can be seen in a soil profile
34. Erosive effect of water
35. Spanish term for a large estate, esp. in Latin America
36. Most advanced, cutting edge technology currently available
37. Lower, colder layers of water, beneath the Epilimnion
38. Term for an irrigated, highly cultivated market garden located along the eastern coast of Spain
39. Type of crop that has been bred to produce more than it would in its natural form
40. Two areas of high pressure found near 25º N and 25º S
41. Type of water which contains a high concentration of dissolved catbonates of alcium and magnesium
42. Amount of water vapor in the atmosphere
43. Term for an idea, suggestion, or theory which will be proved or disproved studying relevant facts
44. Angle of declination of a fault plane from the vertical
45. Study of water on or under the Earth's surface, its uses, availability, conservation, etc.
46. Type of erosion which occurs at the source of a stream
47. Term for a pyramid-shaped peak

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