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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Study of the Earth's surface and its people
2. Type of building used for the cultivation of plants
3. Total value of goods services produced by a country over any particular period
4. Term for a mass of ice which flows down a valley
5. Circular tent covered in felt or skins used by nomadic peoples in Siberia, Russia, and Mongolia
6. Local time at longitude 0ยบ which passes through Greenwich, England
7. Term for unconsolidated rock fragments, often formed from coarse sedimentary rock
8. Type of diagram which shows a sequence of rocks that documents Earth's ancient history
9. Warming of the lower layers of the atmosphere as a result of retention and reradiation of solar heat
10. Term for a location in which industrial development and economic expansion is taking place
11. Group of 'top 8' economies in the world
12. Ocean current which flows out of the Gulf of Mexico and northward along the east coast of the USA
13. Term meaning 'relating to a #4'
14. Term for a narrow channel on a hillside or slope formed by the action of water
15. Conservation group which is the 'most visible environmental organization in the world'
16. General movement of the atmosphere
17. Term for a pattern of vertical and horizontal lines
18. Type of soil which occurs in wet areas, esp. tundra and wet temperate zones
19. Area of green, mainly rural, land surrounding an urban area
20.Coarse-grained acidic igneous rock formed mostly of quartz, feldspar and mica
21. British name for a planned, self-contained settlement with many open green spaces
22. Type of thermometer used to record the temperature 1-2 in. above ground level, where the temperature is usually the lowest
23. Type of coarse type of sandstone in which the grain size is larger than in typical sandstone
24. Metamorphic rock with a distinctive layering or banding
25. Improvement of houses and the creation of new and often expensive houses in some inner city areas
26. Pull force exerted by one body on another, which decreases with distance
27. Period in which plants normally grow
28. Term for a large syncilne which may extend for hundreds of miles
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
29. Government's offers made to attract the development of industry
30. Term for an enlarged joint in Carboniferous limestone
31. Term for an opening in a ridge, often created by a river
32. Term for a natural spring which intermittently throws out jets of water and steam
33. Term for a region in which the natural vegetation is mainly grass
34. Value of the money made by #3 plus the money earned by investments abroad but minus the money earned by foreigners living in the country
35. Study of the shape of the Earth
36. Term for a diagram illustrating a relationship between two variables
37. Time period series of research, development, and technological improvement that increased agricultural production
38. Term for a narrow, steep-sided valley
39. Laying down of material which has been transported by a #4
40. Imaginary circle drawn around the Earth
41. Term for the coarse-grained igneous rock consisting mostly of feldspars and ferromagnesian minerals
42. Type of drainage system in which there are a number of parallel streams, each with tributaries that run at right angles to the main stream
43. Type of model which analyses or studies some kind of movement
44. Study of nation states in the context of their geographical location and environment
45. Tendency of a place to continue with a particular industry or business activity after the original advantages afforded to that activity have disappeared
46. Term for a river profile where all irregularities (Eg waterfalls) have been eliminated
47. Pattern of roads shaped like a 'grid iron'
48. Process by which the Earth's surface is worn away by ice from a #4
49. Term relating to the heat of the Earth's interioir
50. Term for a low barrier built out into the sea from a seawall
51. Treaty operating as a specialized agency of the UN which was replaced by the World Trade Organization
52. Term for water which is found underground, in the pores and cracks of the rock
53. Slow increase in world temperature due to the #9
54. Term for a slope which can be shown on contour maps by the distance between the contours
55. Term for an area in a city occupied by a minority ethnic group

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