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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Only planet of our solar system with life on it
2. Imaginary line around the Earth which represents the 0° line of latitude
3. Term for a group living within a larger society which has its own distinctive customs and culture
4. Weathering process in which small pieces flake off a rock
5. Warm Ocean current found off the coast of South America in the Pacific Ocean which replaces the normally cold currents there
6. Classification of different types of work, E.g. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
7. Blocking out of the sun's light by the intervention of a celestial body
8. Process by which a liquid changes to a gas
9. Term relating to all soil conditions
10. Term for a rock which has been transported from its place of origin
11. Atmosphere's upper layer, with a lower boundary at an altitude of around 370 mi (600 km)
12. Term meaning 'flowing out'
13. Process by which a body of fresh water becomes more fertile
14. Upper, warmer layer of water in a lake or the sea
15. North-South grid lines on some maps, esp. Military ones
16. Time of year when day and night are of equal length at all points on the earth
17. Name given to a few large rivers which can flow across major desert regions
18. Broad term summarized as the study relating to the production and distribution of material wealth
19. Term for one's surroundings, conditions, and circumstances considered as a whole
20. Term for igneous rocks which were forced out in a molten state at the #1's surface where they cooled quickly
21. Term for a campaign inflicted on one #3 by another
22. British term for an area where special grants and tax advantages
23. Term for a roughly circular movement within a current of air or water in the opposite direct of the main flow
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
24. Group of countries in Europe which bonded together for a stronger fiscal union
25. Movement of #1's crust due to activity beneath it
26. Term for a good or service sold to another country with payment by money or other goods and services
27. Process by which the Earth's surface is worn away
28. Type of trees which retain their foliage throughout the year
29. Reductions in unit cost which result from large-scale, as opposed to small scale, production
30. Removal of material from the A horizon of a soil
31. Term for a long narrow ridge formed by a subglacial stream
32. Type of coal field in which coal seams reach or almost reach the surface
33. Retreating or falling tide
34. Term for a steep slope on one side of a hill
35. Term for a person who wholly or partly undertakes and develops an enterprise
36. Term for large-scale agriculture in which large areas of land may be used
37. Term for a community of living organisms and the #19 in which they live
38. Term for a piece of territory lying completely within foreign territory
39. Mouth of a river where tidal effects can be seen
40. Science which studies living organisms in relationship to their #19 and other living things
41. Term for a tremor below the surface of #1 which causes shaking to occur in the crust
42. Term for a right-angled bend in a river
43. Total loss of moisture by #8 from the soil and transpiration from plants
44. Calm, still area at the center of a hurricane
45. Term for any source of danger which arise in the #19

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