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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Accumulation of silt deposited on the seabed at the mouth of a river
2. Dispersion of a phenomenon through time from a center to other areas
3. Term for an elongated mound of glacial till
4. General term for a prolonged period of dry weather
5. Absolute reduction in the number of people living in an area
6. Term for a small, localized whirlwind
7. Removal of water through rivers, drainage pipes, and/or channels
8. Number of deaths in a year for every 1,000 people of the population in a year
9. Economic term for the broadening out of a business or industry to encompass a greater range of goods and/or services
10. Term for a submerged valley which has been flooded by a sea or lake
11. Term for fish which live near the bottom of the sea, the seabed
12. Type of forest consisting of trees which shed their leaves
13. Term for an area of hilly pasture, especially in the UK, Australia and New Zealand
14. Term for an igneous intrusion which is vertical or near vertical
15. Term for a coastal strip which has been submerged
16. Geographical study of human populations by mathematical and statistical techniques
17. Term for a wave action which has a destructive effect on the shoreline
18. Lowering of a surface by weathering and erosion
19. Term for a light form of rain consisting of small droplets which are only just heavy enough to fall
20. Term for a formerly thriving industrial area which has declined
21. Type of erosion which occurs as a result of different types of rock wearing away at different rates
22. Geologic term for large rock fragments left by a melting glacier
23. Rate at which temperature is lost when dry air is ascending
24. Term for a long and fairly narrow depression in the ocean floor of over 18,000 ft (5,500 m) deep
25. Difference between the maximum temperature during the day and the minimum temperature at night in a 24 hour period
26. Term for countries with a highly developed industrial sector and a high proportion of the population living in urban areas
27. System of farming in which cattle are kept for their milk, butter, cheese, etc.
28. Term for a state in which balance is maintained in spite of continual change
29. Map on which dots representing a specific value are used to show distribution
30. Term for an area of low atmospheric pressure in temperate latitudes
31. Steepest angle of a tilted stratum of rock
32. Broad term for the wearing away of land by weathering and erosion
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
33. Term for an area which has been changed from a grassy landscape into near #46
34. Term used in geography to describe the reduction in numbers of resources
35. Term for a #7 pattern which looks like a tree when viewed from above
36. Term for material which has been transported and then deposited by ice
37. Term for poorer countries in which numerous economic developments are still occurring
38. Term for a coastline that runs at right angles to the structural features of the landscape immediately inland
39. Movement away from a(n usually urban) concentration
40. Type of farming without irrigation in an are of low rainfall
41. British name for a settlement a few miles from a large city in which many of the inhabitants are commuters
42. Cutting down and removal of trees
43. Amount of water flowing down a river channel at one particular time
44. Term for a river-formed valley which no longer contains a stream
45. Transitional change in the pattern of population growth
46. Term for an area with a dry climate with little rainfall
47. Branch of the main river which does not rejoin it, distributing the water and eventually carrying to the sea
48. Moisture condensed from the air and deposited on grass and other plants
49. Low-pressure area near the Equator affected by the ITCZ
50. Local term in northern England or southern Scotland for a valley
51. Unfavorable economic situation arising from an increase in the size of an organization
52. British name for a small, normally artificial pond in which water can accumulate for sheep and cattle
53. Proportion of runoff from rainfall which sinks into the ground and gradually percolates through the rocks and back into a river
54. Taming of former wild animals and plants so that they can live with and be used by humans
55. Term for a small elevation in a predominantly wet area
56. Process by which a #46 gradually spreads into neighboring areas of semi-#46
57. Term for a #20 where the government aid encouraged development of new industries
58. Pattern of diminishing influence of an urban area in proportion to its distance from a neighboring urban area
59. Type of mining in which a sloping tunnel is dug into the ground to give access to the mined mineral
60. Laying down of material which had previously been removed by #32
61. Soils in #46 regions which usually have poorly developed horizons due to a lack of rainfall
62. Term for a barrage, especially one associated with the generation of hydroelectricity
63. Process of removing salt from sea water
64. Term for the removal of tiny particles of sand by the wind

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