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Can you name the Physical Geography terms that begin with C (Part Two of Three)?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Study and production of maps and charts
2. Term for any visible mass of water droplets or ice suspended in the atmosphere
3. Parent material from which a soil has been created
4. Term for an essential part of a product
5. Type of frequency curve produced by adding the value of each sucessive group to that of the last
6. Term for any waterway where water is free-flowing
7. Term for a high #2 consisting of small patches of ice crystals often stretched out in a linear form
8. Thorny scrubland region in the interior of Northeast Brazil
9. Force resulting from the rotation of the Earth
10. Term for a group of states that join to form a single trading market for economic benefits
11. Type of forest which consists of cone-bearing, usually evergreen, trees
12. Term for a hollow space resulting from the erosion of rock
13. Average daily weather
14. Point where two or more streams converge and unite
15. Type of small-scale industry based in the home of the worker
16. Term meaning movement away from a center
17. Depression at the top of a volcano
18. Term for items which are quite cheap and are required frequently
19. Geologic period that lasted from about 570 to 500 million years ago (MYA)
20. Instrument that is used to find direction
21. Dome-shaped, flat-bottomed #2 of considerable vertical growth
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
22. Sedimentary rock consisting of large fragments which have been cemented together
23. Type of climate found in the interior of large continents
24. Dark brown or blackish type of deep, rich and fertile soil which occurs in areas of temperate grassland
25. Type of rainfall caused by the collective movement of within fluids
26. Vicious cycle in which poor people are unable to grow much food because of a lack of money and therefore cannot earn money to invest in more crops year after year
27. Dark brown soil, over a lighter colored soil, found in drier grasslands than associated with #24
28. Term, used particularly in the Americas, to denote a mountain chain
29. Layer of rock on the top of a plateau which is hard and resistant to erosion
30. Geologic period that lasted from about 345 to 280 MYA
31. Major period of tectonic folding ~400 MYA
32. Sedimentary rock, formed mainly in the #30 period, when dead tree ferns were beneath sediment
33. Slow movement of the continents on the surface of the Earth
34. Type of High-Quality bituminous #30 which is converted into coke
35. Lake which has formed in a volcanic #17
36. Actual change in #13 over a period of time
37. Series of rocks from the #30 period which contain #32
38. Term of chemical erosion leading to the disintegration of rocks
39. Most recent of the geological eras, starting from 65 MYA
40. Study of the effect of the human impact on the natural landscape
41. Slow downhill movement of soil or regolith caused by gravity

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