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Can you name the Physical Geography Terms that begin with C (Part One of Three)?

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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Term for a deep river valley with steep sides
2. Term for any of the cultivated grasses grown for their edible grains
3. Warm wind which blows down the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the USA
4. Term for a line on a map which joins all places of equal height
5. Unit of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water from 15° to 16° Celsius
6. Term for a small farm northwest Scotland, the Scottish islands, or western Ireland
7. Careful and thoughtful use of resources
8. Term for a argillaceous (fine grained) sedimentary rock
9. Economic system historically based on the common ownership of all property
10. Central part of a region
11. Instrument for measuring inclination or slope
12. Type of crop which is grown just after a main crop has been harvested
13. White #8 formed from the disintegration of granite, more specifically feldspar
14. Dense cloud with a flat base and a high, fluffy outline, commonly associated with thunderstorms
15. Policy which helps farmers in the European Union
16. Term for any bush or tree of the genus Gossypium that is grown for the fluffy white fibrous substance around its seeds
17. Type of industry producing ready goods for the consumer
18. Small evergreen tree, grown for its seeds, which are roasted and ground to produce Cocoa
19. Low dense scrub consisting of small evergreen bushes found in California, USA
20. Settlement created by a group of people from a different country
21. Term for an isolated system which no energy or material can pass
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
22. Term for a crop grown to protect the soil from heavy rain, wind and erosion
23. Term for a slope which is much steeper at the top than it is at the bottom
24. Continuous process by which landscapes are formed and then gradually transformed by erosion
25. Economic system characterized by the private ownership and investment in the production of goods
26. Term meaning movement toward a center
27. Type of stream that flows in the direction of the original slope of the land
28. Term for a port that handles containers
29. Term for a slope which is much steeper at the bottom than it is at the top
30. 'Armchair-shaped' hollow on a hillside cut by ice (glaciers) and freeze-thaw activity
31. Movement of people away from cities into smaller town and villages
32. Dividing line between two air masses where a cold mass is advancing against and beneath a warmer mass
33. Survey of a given population to find its size and nature
34. Name for a large crater formed by the collapse of the cone of a volcano
35. Practice of plowing in regard to #4
36. Widely grown cereal crop, grown extensively in the USA
37. Type of farming in which crops and/or animals are grown primarily for money
38. Term for a system of atmospheric low pressure which occurs when cold air masses meet warm air masses
39. Type of crops which are grown primarily for money rather than for consumption
40. Result of the effect of human activity on the natural landscape
41. Term for a vertical crack or fissure in ice

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