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What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
1. Hawaiian name for blocky lava
2. Term denoting changes in the pressure and temperature of a parcel of air
3. Layer of soil located above the permafrost in tundra areas
4. Term denoting land suitable for farming
5. Term denoting water which has moved from its place of origin by traveling underground
6. Wearing away of rocks by wind, water or ice carrying particles of dust and/or sand
7. Addition of ice and snow to a glacier
8. Type of soil which has a pH of 6 or less which is short on bases
9. Type of mining which involves digging horizontally into the side of a valley/hill/etc.
10. Type of lava which is viscous and slow flowing, with high proportions of silica
11. Loss of ice in a glacier due to evaporation and melting
12. Volume of water required to cover an area of 1 acre to a depth of 1 ft (term used in irrigation)
13. Mud which has been dried in the sun and used as bricks
14. French term for a south-facing slope, or sunny side, especially in the French Alps
15. Ease or difficulty in getting from one place to another
16. Type of rain which contains pollutants, esp. sulfur and nitrogen oxides
17. Horizontal movement of air, ocean currents, or surface runoff
18. Group of vertebrate animals that spend their early parts of life in water and adult part in an aquatic/damp habitat
19. Rock debris left over after #11 has occurred
20. A basin area where #5 occures
21. Igneous rock which contains a high proportion of silica
22. Amount of water vapor present in the air at any given time
23. A large and diverse group of simple plants that use photosynthesis to live
24. A large body of air covering hundreds of square miles
25. Line of latitude at 66° 30' S
26. Very uncommon period of time of at least 15 days on which no more than 0.01 in (0.25 mm) of rain falls
27. Globular cloud formation which is found at the middle altitudes
28. Type of organisms which require oxygen to live
29. The layer of air which surrounds the Earth
30. General term for ocean features at great depths, usually over 9,840 ft (3,000) deep
31. Line joining the North and South poles directly through the earth
32. Term denoting an wind that blows uphill
33. Type of fog formed when a warm surface moves horizontally over a cooler #24
34. Device for raising water consisting of a screw inside a tube, used commonly in Egypt
35. Air movement, smaller than an #24, which is simply a moving current or channel of air (large wind)
36. Gray or bluish striated, fibrous or uniform cloud formation which may produce a light drizzle
37. Term for a group of islands
What is/are the... ...?TermExtra Info
38. A lop-sided fold that is caused by greater pressure from one side than the other
39. Type of barometer which consists of a box with most of its air removed
40. Term for settlements (ie cities) which have spread to merge with several neighboring settlements
41. Top layer of soil which contains the most humus and plant roots
42. Term for a growth rate with a regular progression
43. Large amount of snow and ice or rock falling suddenly down
44. Area of grassland vegetation high up on the side of any mountain range, named after an European mountain range
45. Part of a population too young or too old to be in full time employment
46. Spanish term for high plateau; this region lies mainly in Bolivia between the Andes
47. General term for the cultivation of the soil and management of the natural landscape to grow crops
48. The pressure on the Earth's surface exerted by the weight of #29
49. Afrikaaner term for 'separate development'
50. Sudden increase in #23 resulting from changes in the chemical content or temperature of water bodies
51. Term used to denote small-scale or simple tools or machines which are more useful for different types of people
52. Term for the fine particles of rock thrown out by a volcanic eruption
53. Planting of trees in an area which has not generally had trees in the past
54. Term denoting dryness because of lack of rainfall
55. Type of soil which a pH of 7 or more, which usually has a high concentration of carbonates
56. Most recent large scale example of folding, named like #44
57. Area of high pressure where is air is subsiding
58. Upwards arch in layers of rock strata
59. Term denoting organisms that live without using oxygen
60. Process of running an #47 operation as an industry
61. Type of histogram which shows the age and sex composition of a population
62. Fine mud or silt deposited by rivers which accumulates on river beds but can be spread over large areas of a river valley or delta
63. Hard type of coal which burns with little visible flame and leaves little ash
64. A layer of rock which can hold large quantities of water in the pore spaces
65. Type of #40 which communities located nearby together which have similar industries (note: begins with 'I')
66. Vertical height of a point above mean sea level
67. Term for a narrow knife-edged ridge
68. Instrument for measuring wind speed
69. Line of latitude at 66° 30' N
70. Revolution which started in the 19th century as new machines and #47 methods advanced
71. Type of soil associated with a particular environment which little soil development has occurred
72. Type of rock which has been formed by volcanic activity which consists of coarse blocks of rock or lava which have been cemented together in volcanic ash
73. Process of erosion in which the particles or tools of erosion erode one another
74. Name for a circular or horseshoe-shaped coral reef enclosing a central lagoon

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