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Can you name the characters/items/powers/events that are important to Minako Aino/Sailor Venus?

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Minako spent some time abroad fighting the Dark Kingdom as Sailor V. Which city was she in?
While abroad she fell in love with a young man. What was his name?
Also while abroad, she became close friends with an Interpol officer. What was her name?
Minako is good at performing a 'flying spinning dig' but with which sport does she utilise this technique?
In PGSM, this is Minako's most popular song
In the manga, what color was Princess Venus's gown in the Silver Millenium?
True or false: Sailor Venus is the leader of the Inner Senshi in their mission to protect Princess Serenity
What color is Sailor Venus' front bow?
In PGSM who does Minako hope will replace her as a capable leader of the Senshi?
In the Sailor Moon S anime, Minako gets upset when her Pure Heart hasn't been targeted. What does she do to make herself a target?
Who was Sailor Venus pretending to be when the Inners and Sailor Moon first met her?
Minako achieves her dream of becoming an international superstar in which medium? Anime, manga or PGSM?
In the Sailor Moon S anime, Minako dressed up and impersonated another Sailor Soldier. Who was she pretending to be?

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