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Can you name the characters/items/powers/events that are important to Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune?

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Michiru's violin has a name. It is called...
the bows on Sailor Neptune's fuku/costume are what color?
What color is the handle and frame of Michiru's Deep Aqua Mirror?
Michiru was first introduced to Haruka by a mutual friend named...?
In the Sailor Stars anime, Neptune and Uranus briefly served under this villain
In the Sailor Stars anime, Neptune and Uranus killed two of their own teammates. Who did they kill?
In the Sailor Moon S anime, Sailor Neptune had her Pure Heart shot out of her by this villain
In the Sailor Stars manga, an evil Sailor Neptune uses this attack against Eternal Sailor Moon
Neptune's planetary castle is named...?
In Sailor Moon S, Michiru was plagued with visions of an impending destruction. Which destructive force of nature was she afraid of? She painted a picture showing this...
Michiru's transformation wand is called...?
In the NA dub, Michiru's name was changed to...
In the NA dub, Michiru's romantic relationship with Haruka was changed so that they were...?
True or false: Michiru became a Senshi before Haruka

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