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The largest city and state capital
Became a state in this year
Current governor
US senators
The relatively small state has how many delegates to the US House of Representatives?
Seceded from this state
Original location of the state capital
Where its largest university (WVU) is located
The first electric railroad in the world was constructed in this southwestern WV town
The world's first steamboat was launched in the Potomac River in this WV town
The state motto, 'Montani semper liberi,' translates to mean this
Although 'West Virginia My Home' is the official state song, this John Denver tune is recognized as the unofficial song
This phrase is inscribed on the State's license plates
This holiday was first observed in Grafton, WV (1908)
This Air Force General and test pilot if from Lincoln County, WV
This actor, who played Barney Fife, is from Morgantown, WV
This NBA 'logo' is from Chelyan, WV
This 'Perfect 10' Olympian gymnast is from Fairmont, WV
This country singer, with hits including 'Goin' Gone' & 'Come from the Heart,' was born in South Charleston, WV
This actress, known for roles in '13 Going on 30' & 'Daredevil,' grew up in Charleston, WV
This Confederate general & WV-native won the First Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War
Born in Malden, WV, this African-American & civil rights activist wrote 'From Slavery' in 1915
This football coach, who lead Alabama to an undefeated season, was born in Fairmont, WV
This WV native was the first African-American female legislator in the US (1928)
Chester Merriman of Romney, WV was the youngest soldier of World War I, having enlisted at the age of
States like Alaska, Delaware, & Montana still don't have this, but WV was the first to impose it
State Bird
State animal
State flower
State tree
State fruit
State nickname
State colors
This advertising campaign, typically painted on the sides of barns, originated in Wheeling, WV (1908)
The original name of West Virginia University (founded 1867)
Ranked 2nd in the Union, WV provides the US with 15% of this product
There are two workers depicted on the state flag, what type of workers are they?
The first Union solider killed in the Civil War, Bailey Brown, was killed in this state

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