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CBS tevelision show featuring Leonard, Sheldon, & PennyPhysics discovery made by Albert Einstein in the early 20th-century
One of the four Grand Slam tennis events held at Melbourne ParkMajor medical procedure performed on the cardiac organ
Retired marine officer who is now a political commentator for Fox News ChannelIf you're traveling on 'Tobacco Road,' you're in this state
Non-profit human rights organizationWhat IBM stands for
Judd Apatow-directed 2005 comedy starring Steve CarellFamed Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee
Ali Baba's magic wordsChildren's television series that debuted in 1969 & is still airing today
The Man of Steel's real identityLocation of the tragic May 4, 1970 campus massacre
College in Annapolis, MD that commissions military officersRecognizing excelleny in the film industry, another name for the OSCARs
After her time with the Drummonds of Diff'rent Strokes, Edna Garrett was on this showColorful ringed-shaped hard candys
March 15 of the Roman calandar & the day Julius Caesar was assassinated Term that represents a 'crazy month' when NCAA basketball is celebrated
GOP signifying the Replican Party stands forTeen television drama about the Salinger family, who were orphans after their parents were killed by a drunk driver
West Coast US fast-food restaurant headquartered in San DiegoAccording to Forrest Gump, 'Life is like a...'
Song performed by Survivor that is featured on a movie starring Sylvester StalloneStanford graduate who won his first Major golf tournament (The Masters) in 1997
Bluegrass song associated with the University of Tennessee1986 movie with characters such as 'Maverick' and 'Goose'
He's considered the 'Father of the Constitution'Arena in Manhattan located at 8th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets, situated on top of Pennsylvania Station
Common phrase often used to begin a storytelling narativeParent company of AOL specializing in media & communications

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