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How many maps are there since BO3 DLC 1?
Amount of speaking playable characters?
Amount of non-speaking playable characters?
Fluffy's beloved children
Steals your guns
Steals your perks
CotD main boss
Explodes upon death
Screams and blurs vision
Steals your perks also...
Can only be killed my melee
Locks down perks and benches around the map
Looks eerily like the nova crawlers...
Steals your points......
Has a nasty flamethrower
Tentacles... So many tentacles...
'Our complete assimilation of this dimension will now... Proceed.'
You must cleanse him to charge the Summoning Key
If you wanna get up...
'The Doctor likes his medicine!'
It'll speed up your life!
'Why is it chewy?'
Tastes like prunes
Can make even the heaviest of weapons as light as a pistol
Who needs aimbot with this perk?
Guns go from 2 to 3
Hold 'X/Square' to feed the zombies
I'm my own best friend
Poppin' cherries since Alcatraz
Gives the eyes of an eagle
A woman's favorite drink
Gives you a random perk
Gives you a random gun
'Even a blind, squirrell is right twice a day.'
'I will bathe naked, in your blood!'
'Stay away from my vodka! What? it's a classic!'
'Your death brings me honor!'
First map to introduce perks
First map to introduce Pack a Punch
PHD and Stamin-Up were added in this map
Deadshot was added in this map
Mule Kick was introduced in this map
CotD Easter Egg achievement (solo)
CotD Easter Egg achievement (co-op)
Shangri-La Easter Egg achievement
Moon Easter Egg achievement (1st half)
Moon Easter Egg achievement (2nd half)
TranZit Easter Egg achievement
Die Rise Easter Egg achievement
MotD Easter Egg achievement
Buried Easter Egg achievement
Origins Easter Egg achievement
SoE Easter Egg
Der Eisendrache Easter Egg achievement
Ancient Staff
Ancient Staff
Ancient Staff
Ancient Staff
Upgraded Staff
Upgraded Staff
Upgraded Staff
Upgraded Staff
The Wonder Weapon in every Zombies Map
Created by Dr. Richtofen using 115 (fan favorite)
Created by the Ascension Group dubbed 'Project Thunder'
Mr. Freeze's favorite gun
Turns Zombies into humans
Sniper with explosive capabilities
Shrinks zombies
Makes good popcorn out of zombie meat
The Warden always had a thing for WWI weapons
Like the original, but better
Freezes zombies in place, also you can fly
Shoots black holes
Explosive made by Dr. Richtofen
Black hole generator made by the Ascension Group
Russian dolls that explode
Has numerous, seemingly random effects
Tomahawk of choice
Robots rain hell upon those who swarm to this object
Tiny tentacle monster thing that kills zombies
The worst wonder weapon in existence
Travel back in time
Gifted by the Apothicons, upgraded by the Keepers
Specialst weapon; place down to electrify zombies
Can eat food and kill the undead with this tool
The best way to kill a zombie; by decking it in the face
The original controller of the zombies
Scientist, betrayed by his closest friend.
The one who the Scientist had feeling for
The hanging man
Designed the Ray Gun
Head scientist at the Ascension compound
Scientist who sucked his friend into a black hole
The first map to introduce buildables
The only way to get a scoped Kar 98
The first tactical in Zombies
Rebuilds Barriers
Replenishes Ammo
Makes zombies die instantly
Blows up all zombies
Point output doubled
Minigun that lasts 30 seconds
Box spins 10 points per spin
Pack a Punch 1000 points per use
Need an extra perk?
Wunderwaffe Power-Up
Bonus Points
Coated in the freak bag's stink
Item obtained at the end of the CotD EE
Item obtained at the end of the Shangri-La EE
The most powerful artifact in the universe
The Moon base
The gateway to the Aether
The element to start it all

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