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Can you name the Rurouni Kenshin Characters?

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The Hero
Master of the Kamiya Kasshin Style
Kid Samurai
The Fighter for Hire
A Female Nurse
The Brains Behind the Hiruma Brothers
The Brawn Behind the Hiruma Brothers
Master of the Shin No Ippo
Skilled with Poison Darts
Has a Fire in His Belly
A Scared Steroid User
A Spy Without a Face
Leader of the Oniwaban
Rich Samurai Kid
Master of the Izuna
Daughter of the Akabeko Owner
She's Crushing on Yahiko
The Lone Wolf of Mibu
'If you're strong you live, if you're weak you die.'
The Tenken
Shishio's Lover
Not Shishio's best man or his best woman.
A Fallen Monk
Blind Man Seeking Revenge
Shishio's Money Maker
The Brains of the Destruction Army
Giant With the Heart of a Martial Artist
Broom Head
Master of the Hiten-Mitsurugi Style
Kenshin's First Love
Tomoe's Brother
Creator of Iwanbo
Giant With a Gun-Arm
Modified His Body to Look Like Venom
Fights With Invincible Gauntlets
Fights With a Variety of Tools
Gramps of the Oniwaban
Drug Lord Packing a Gatling Gun
The Yamagata
The Lord of Japan
Weasel Girl
Leader of the Sekihoutai
Sano's Painter Friend

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