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You had to have it all, well have you had enough?Had Enough
Never mind, forget it, there's nothing to loseForget It
Shelter me from this againBreak My Fall
Falling forever, chasing dreamsCrawl
All we ever wantedNext To Nothing
I've got a southern belle too, and ruby red shoesHome
So clever, whatever, I'm done with these endeavoursUntil The End
Desperate I will crawl, waiting for so longDiary Of Jane
Don't bury me, faceless enemyDear Agony
It only hurts just onceUnknown Soldier
Is it you I want, or just the notion ofRain
Drank up all my alcohol, this is not a free for allBreakdown
We left this land of shining lightsWish I May
I can feel you falling awayGive Me A Sign
You take the breath right out of meBreath
All of my life, all of my timeNatural Life
You are an ****No Games
I'm picking sides and pulling the stringsBelieve
After the lights go out on youLights Out
Your lips are better than minePhase
Close your eyes, so many days go byDance With The Devil
I am the shadow on the wallBlow Me Away
Just stay away from the white lightPolyamorous
In a fight, I could never fight youForever
Promise me you'll tryYou
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Take my hand, drag me downWithout You
I'm all alone, out in the coldSugarcoat
'Cause I am my enemyWater
Hesitate while the world is just a step awayOrdinary Man
I see you, 'cause you won't get out of my wayAway
'Cause you're old, and battered and beatenSkin
I can not hold onHopeless
Days go on forever, but I have not left your sideAnthem Of The Angels
Just call my name, you'll be okaySooner Or Later
I'm a believer, nothing could be worseEvil Angel
I got something up my sleeveMedicate
And I'd die to winFirefly
Fruit on the vineTopless
You're so cold, keep your hand in mineSo Cold
I'm so inclined to make you mineShallow Bay
You fall apart at the seams, I'll never know what it meansSimple Design
Life is sink or swimYou Fight Me
Fast I fade awayFade Away
Don't try to fight meHere We Are
Live for the dying, heaven hear meInto The Nothing
Now you turn the tide on me 'cause you're so unkindWhat Lies Beneath
You know my name, you know my faceFollow
I don't wanna change the worldI Will Not Bow
What did you say to me, I'm only here to clip your wingsLady Bug
I'm on my way to better daysBetter Days

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