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Can you name the things with the same first and last letters?

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U.S. StateCharacter in the movie True Romance
U.S. StatePurchased for 2 cents per acre
U.S. StateOne of the Four Corner states
U.S. StateHas a non-rectangular state flag
Chemical ElementMilk of ...
Chemical ElementMt
Chemical ElementThe Periodic Table's creator
Chemical Elementelement # 42, transition metal
Chemical ElementSong by John Mayer
Chemical Element78 %
U.S. president (last name)Arlington National Cemetery
U.S. president (last name)Frost
Olympic Host CityMissouri
HintAnswerExtra hints
Olympic Host CityWinter Olympics, Scandinavia
Olympic Host CityOfficial theme by John Williams
Movie1983, remake of Thunderball, Sean Connery
Movie1977, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford
Movie2007, Coen brothers
Movie1997, Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon
Movie1937, Disney
Sign of the ZodiacEnds at the winter solstice
Beatles' singleHe's as blind as he can be
Beatles' singleAlso covered by the Isley Brothers
Beatles' singleMost covered song of all time
Olympian DeityParthenon

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