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George Costanza's most used alias
George Costanza is known as this, after failing to get fired from the Yankees.
This would be George's pornstar name
George pretends to be this nazi to get in a limo
George wants this to be his nickname but instead his co-worker gets it
George is named after a monkey at his office
George is purposely called this by his gym teacher
Jerry pretends to be this man, while in the limo with George in 'The Limo'
Jerry comes up with this alias to get into an apartment building on the Puerto Rican day
Jerry registers for the Atlantic City Comedy Club as this alias
Kramer poses as this doctor from Juliard to examine Mr. Kruger
Kramer gets the wrong liscence plates, causing him to be called this
Kramer poses as this wealthy industrialist to view an apartment during the Puerto Rican Day
Elaine used this alias to pretend to be Uncle Leo's Nurse
Elaine pretends to be this when a little boy calls her thinking she's his grandmother

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