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When someone wake up gasping for air they might have this sleep disorder.
Evolutionary theory that states, some species prosper and others do not.
Memory for specific information is called _______ memory.
In the classical conditioning experiment by Pavlov, saliva to the bell was the:
The central nervous system is made of these.
Reducing someone's fear through gradual exposure is:
This minimizes leakage of electrical current being carried along the axon.
The source of energy for the visual sense is:
The weakest amount of stimulus that a person can distinguish from no stimulus.
The process of becoming more sensitive to a stimulus is called:
Human social behavior has its basis in heredity and genetics.
In the classical conditioning experiment by Pavlov, the meat powder was the:
The main source of energy for skin sensation is:
Moving objects without touching them is called:
Rubbing your knee to reduce pain is based on this theory.
REM is known as this when brain waves are similar to being awake.
Suddenly falling asleep is known as:
Simple automatic responses to stimuli are called:
The same response to different stimuli is known as:
A different response to different stimuli is known as:
In the classical conditioning experiment by Pavlov, saliva to the meat powder was the:
In operant conditioning, behavior is the result of its:
The source of energy for the auditory sense is:
Hourly wage is an example of a ______ schedule.
Recalling a story from your life is know as _____ memory.
Remembering to go to an appointment involves this type of memory.
When we mentally represent pictures we are using this type of code.
First impressions take into account this effect.
The scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
Remembering the first and last items in a list is known as:
The weakest amount of change in stimulus necessary to notice a difference.
Gouping items in order to more easily remember them is known as:
Becoming less sensitive to a stimulus around us is called:
When new information replaces old information in short term memory it is known as:
The assassination of a president might be a ______ memory for some people.
Memory loss that takes place after a trumatic event.
This method of reducing fears forces the person to face the fear to its greatest extent.
This is memory concering how to perform a task.
In the classical conditioning experiment by Pavlov, the bell was the:
We typically go through this many sleep cycles per night.

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